Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation to a San Leandro Kitchen

The rental unit in San Leandro suffered significant mold damage during many months of non-occupancy. A complete demolition of several rooms was the only solutio... READ MORE

Suited up and Ready to Remediate

The highly trained mold abatement and removal technicians at SERVPRO of San Leandro take your safety and their own safety extremely seriously. Specific safety p... READ MORE

Graffiti on an Apartment Building

Graffiti on public and commercial buildings creates urban blight. It also lowers property values by sending a signal that a neighborhood may be a center of high... READ MORE


Mold damage at this Castro Valley home had begun before the home construction was completed. As the before photo shows, some tile was installed. However, moistu... READ MORE

Mold in Residential Hotel

Mold can grow anywhere that has enough moisture and the right surface texture to provide "food" and a foothold for hyphae (mold roots.)When mold grows indoors i... READ MORE

Storm Caused Flooding

Flood damage to this Oakland office building left standing water in the hallway. The before photo shows the standing water appearing like a mirror on the floor.... READ MORE

Solving odor problems at a fire scene.

Insurance companies and restoration companies rate fire damage as heavy, medium and light. The determining factors include the amount of structural damage and t... READ MORE

Removing the Debris From a Fire Site

When most Fire Departments fight fire, the fire fighters use water to extinguish the flames and that not only puts out the fire, it wets structural materials an... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold...cleanup.

Mold is found in all indoor environments. Mold can grow and get out of control when humidity or water intrusions affect the indoor space. In kitchens it has bee... READ MORE

Large Structure Drying

Large property disasters call for large restoration equipment. When the math is done... measurements of cubic square feet and square feet of affected surfaces =... READ MORE