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Inner wall cavity drying

5/21/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Inner wall cavity drying An example of an inner wall drying system

There are inner wall cavity drying systems available that allow mitigation companies to dry an inner wall cavity without removing large portions of gypsum board. 

It is less expense to make several small plaster repairs and do paint touch up that removing the wallboard, applying new texture and paint.

The air that is pumped into the wall cavities is usually HEPA filtered and may be treated with chemical agents to prevent mold growth. This technique of drying is called "ASD-applied structural drying." Inner wall drying systems is one aspect of ASD. Other equipment and techniques that are used to minimize structure material drying are "rescue mats", heaters and special dehumidifiers. 

SERVPRO of San Leandro will always look for the best and most cost effective way to dry a wet structure.


5/21/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage The POWER of DESICCANT DRYING A large desiccant at work drying a warehouse.

 At SERVPRO of San Leandro we have both cold “coil dehumidifiers” and “desiccant dehumidifiers.” Having one or more desiccants are the benchmark of a professional mitigation company.


Desiccant-Based Dehumidification is an interesting topic. Most people are aware of “cold-coil” dehumidification, which removes moisture from the air by condensing the moisture onto a cold surface. Desiccant dehumidification relies on adsorption or absorption power of desiccants, which are substances that attract

water-vapor molecules from the air. They rely on adsorptive or absorptive process. Adsorption refers to a desiccant that does not change phase as it collects airborne moisture. Most adsorbents are solids; familiar examples include activated alumina, silica gel, and zeolites (molecular sieves). We see these packed in electronics cartons.


In water damage drying application, desiccant machines are designed to collect moisture on a rotating wheel coated with solid desiccant material. As damp air passes through one section of the wheel the desiccant on that section adsorbs water vapor, making the air drier than when it entered. Wheel rotation then exposes the moisture-laden desiccant to a “regenerating” air stream that strips the captured moisture away from the desiccant (desorption). The wheel rotates to the damp air collection port and it is ready to adsorb more moisture from in coming air.


At SERVPRO we have dozens of cold “coil dehumidifiers” and a couple of commercial “desiccant dehumidifiers.” That’s one more reason we are proud to be an experienced and professional mitigation company capable of helping commercial clients. SERVPRO of San Leandro 510-352-2480

Burger Restaurant Fire

5/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire can be deadly. Fire can cause a great deal of structural damage. It’s not just the flames… it’s the smoke, the fumes and the soot that are of concern.

An automobile was stopped at a drive through window at a national burger restaurant in Hayward California. The engine compartment of the car burst into flames. The driver got out without injury, the drive through window clerk got safely out of the way. The fire totaled the auto and burnt a huge hole in the building’s roof. The most damage was caused by the smoke and soot that billowed into the kitchen and spread into the dinning room. Once again, no body was hurt. That’s the good news. Everyone got out in quick order and the fire department arrived promptly to extinguish the fire.


The restaurant is literally about one mile from our SERVPRO cleaning facility. We were invited to provide cleanup services. We had a crew there with two hours to present a cleanup scope. The next day we were providing soot and debris cleanup to get the place ready for reconstruction….SERVPRO of San Leandro to the rescue.

After the reconstruction was completed we returned to provide post construction cleanup and prepare the place for it’s reopening. By the way, they specialize in flame-broiled burgers. How ironic.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

5/20/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Don't let the bed bugs bite. Tiny in size... big appetite

Bed bugs have been biting mankind since the dawn of time. They are not just a pest for the poor. Upscale home and hotels can have just as many infestations as the less advantaged.

The state of California does not permit property damage restoration companies to kill insects, unless we have a special license. What we can do is clean up the mess after extermination has taken place. Our skilled technicians are trained to look for tell tale signs that some bedbugs may have survived the treatment. If all is clear, we can perform carpet and floor cleaning, HEPA vacuuming and dusting to remove the tiny bodies and other debris. 

If you have a bed bug problem, we are here to share some good advice. SERVPRO of n Leandro 510-352-2480

Mold... a four letter word!

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold... a four letter word! Microbial can be pretty, but they can be a nucience too.


Mold is a four-letter word… most people have a negative feeling as soon as they hear the word. Ironically mold is an important part of life. It is part of the fungi kingdom and it interacts with plants and the eco system in valuable ways. Scientists inform us that life, as we know it, would not be possible without mold. Bakers and brewers and cheese makers rely on mold and yeasts to make their products. There are hundreds of thousands of molds and only a few of them create negative affects on humans.

Why does mold have a bad reputation?

The answer is because there are molds that are able to produce tiny spores that become airborne and these spores can pass through our respiratory system and into the Alveoli sacks in our lungs and cause toxins to enter our blood stream. Infants, seniors and anyone with a compromised immune system are susceptible. These mold are called, “toxic black mold.”


Here is the problem…most molds are black in color, some are white, yellow and pink, but black is the most common color. People hear about “black toxic mold” and then equate the black mold on their wall as being this potentially harmful variety. To add to the problem, some contractors take advantage of persons who may not be fully informed and charge outrageous fees to cleanup any mold, harmful or not.

One of the best sources to learn about mold is to visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website using mold as a search phrase. You will get easy to understand information about mold, and even tips on how to remove it. Another thing to do is to give us a call, SERVPRO of San Leandro at 510-352-2480.

Property Damage Happens

5/12/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Property Damage Happens Flood damage is always a risk.


Property disaster at a business location often interrupts the operation of the business. Disaster compounds the problems for the company, its’ employees and their clients.

Repair work should be completed as quickly as possible to reduce the potential negative impact on revenue.  

SERVPRO of San Leandro is an experienced specialist in restoring commercial properties. We have worked at many restaurants, office buildings, manufacturing plants and retail establishments in San Leandro and surrounding areas.

When a property disaster happens many things can go wrong and quickly. Let’s use a burst pipe flooding as our example. While each building and business will face its own specific situations, these following items are fairly common problems:

1 - Portions of the structure will get wet and may need to be removed and replaced. 2 - Water service may be interrupted. 3- Electric service may also be compromised. 4 - Office equipment and manufacturing equipment could be ruined or in need of repair. 5 - Production and assembly processes may be compromised. 6 - Employee safety is in jeopardy (Slip hazard / risk of electrocution) 6 - Alarms, telephones, computers may not function reliably. 7- Elevators don’t work. 8 - HVAC systems compromised.


An established commercial mitigation specialist should also provide solutions for business interruption. That’s why SERVPRO of San Leandro provides restoration management services beyond just the initial emergency response of water extraction and structural drying, such as:

An experienced commercial mitigation specialist should also provide solutions for:

Water extraction, humidity control, document drying, emergency power, emergency lighting, security services, electronics cleaning and repair, HVAC system cleaning and service, elevator repair, communications systems restoration, structural repair, plumbing repair, temporary office modules, temporary fencing and toilets, OSHA safety inspection services, Industrial Hygienist services, consultation and more.  

Being a great commercial mitigation and restoration company, is much more than simply drying a building. It is helping a company get back into operation as quickly as possible. 80% of companies fail within one year of having a disaster. It’s not because they don’t have insurance or resources. It’s because too much time goes by allowing clients to go to competitors.

SERVPRO of San Leandro provides a free Emergency Ready Plan that can help any business be ready for a disaster. Preparedness reduces the down time and that improves the chances for a company to return to profitability after suffering a disaster.

Ever Experienced Water Damage to Your Property

5/11/2017 (Permalink)


Ever Experienced Water Damage to Your Property? That's a good question. Over the years SERVPRO of San Leandro has responded to many unusual sources of water damage including: Children watering indoor plants with a garden house; aquariums falling over during an earthquake; and carpenters driving nails through hidden pipes. There are many more common ways that a building can become damaged by water such as: Ground water flooding, rain storms, burst water delivery pipes, plumbing backups, failed/leaking water heaters, etc.


One of the strangest water damage situations that our company responded to was in a four story Victorian house in Oakland that had been converted to small apartments.

During a domestic argument, a wife slashed a waterbed that was in a bedroom on the top floor. The 100 gallons of water flowed down through the floor causing flooding to many rooms below. The water damage affected every resident in the house.


When our crew arrived, we were amazed to see the interior rooms with ceilings dripping as if it were raining indoors. Regardless of the source or the size of the flooding, SERVPRO of San Leandro can quickly mitigate (stop and contain) the damage and get the drying and recovery underway.


Our experience is vast. We work in residential, retail and commercial settings.

SERVPRO of San Leandro 510-352-2480

Office Content Pack-out

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Office Content Pack-out Vaults containing office contents outside our storage center..

When an office for a large medical facility was damaged by sewage, SERVPRO of San Leandro responded. We extracted the sewage and removed contaminated building materials such as carpeting and portions of sheetrock. 

The furniture in the office, such as desks and chairs were made of metal. We were able to clean and sanitize theses items.

To facilitate the final cleaning of the structure, including performing reconstruction, the furniture had to be removed.  

SERVPRO of San Leandro technicians carefully cleaned the furniture at the location and carefully packed it into storage vaults for transport to our storage facility in Hayward California.

As soon as the office structure was ready for occupancy the furniture and office equipment was returned  and set up. 

2017 EL Nino & Strong Hurricanes?

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 2017 EL Nino & Strong Hurricanes? Hail Storms in Texas are setting all time damage records.

According to many weather forecasting agencies and scientists 2017 is shaping up to be a potential strong El Nino year that could contribute to a longer and stronger Atlantic Hurricane season too.

2016 El Nino in Northern California brought heavy rains and a deep snow pack to the Sierra Mountains. Last year's El Nino rains ended California's four year drought.

Pacific waters near the equator continue to warm which builds the El Nino effect.  Weather indicators in the tropics are alerting meteorologists about a potential record setting hurricane season. 

The science of weather continues to develop, there's still a touch of "crystal ball" in weather prediction, but we all need to be prepared. 

At SERVPRO, we respond to damaging weather events. We know that lightning strikes, rain and hail storms, and wind damage can occur at almost any time.  We are ready.

Facilities Managers, check out our Pre-work Authorization

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Facilities Managers, check out our Pre-work Authorization Commercial Pre-work Authorization form.

When a property disaster event strikes, it's often in the middle of the night or during the weekend.

Getting an emergency restortion company on the spot is not difficult. Having the paperwork and an agreement signed and in place before work starts is the hard part.


That's why we developed what we call Green Response. It is a proactive disaster recovery plan provided by Cleanair Image dba SERVPRO of San Leandro  It allows us to work with you in pre-planning for the complex challenges that often arise during a major catastrophe such as fire, extreme flooding, earthquake, etc. Your participation in this plan will empower us to mobilize and direct a coordinated team of restoration specialists who will work on your behalf to make it… better than before.

Green Response clients sign an agreement that pre-authorizes our company to provide prompt emergency services. In this agreement the labor and materials pricing schedule and payment terms are determined in advance to prevent misunderstandings, and to expedite services.

Our Emergency Response Manager will tour your facility to work with you in developing a specific and comprehensive restoration/mitigation plan for your location.

Once a preparedness plan has been determined, our team will conduct a meeting at your facility to establish a working relationship, to address your concerns and demonstrate how we may best satisfy your needs. There is no charge for this service. Your investment will be a few hours… time well spent for peace of mind. For details please call SERVPRO of San Leandro at 510-352-2480.