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The highly trained technicians at SERVPRO of San Leandro are aware of the importance of drying and cleaning up a wet indoor environment in a quick and safe manner that is why we monitor the indoor temperature and humidity at each water-damaged location we are hired to dry. This is accomplished by monitoring the TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY of each water-damaged location and is performed by checking the outdoor temperature and relative humidity. Next, we also discover the indoor temperature and relative humidity. Why? It is well documented by science that an indoor environment that maintains 60% relative humidity (RH) or higher for three or more consecutive days may contribute to secondary moisture damage including potential microbial growth. We work very hard to reduce the indoor relative humidity in a timely fashion (three days or less). This is usually accomplished by using dehumidification, rapid air-movement and temperature control. There are special pieces of restoration equipment for dehumidification and rapid air movement. Temperature control may be accomplished by using the buildings’ heating and cooling system, or using portable equipment brought to the site.


Structural materials such as wood, plaster, masonry and such contain some degree of moisture. This is normal. These materials are able to adsorb additional moisture (become wet). We use penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters to discover the “normal” non-affected moisture content of these materials. These measurements become our drying goals. Next we check the materials that are in the affected (wetted) locations. Over the course of mitigation we apply our drying techniques until the materials return to the “normal” conditions, or sometimes close enough to normal to be acceptable.


The following chart represents the “average” structural moisture conditions at your wetted location. Reports concerning specific portions of your location are found within the invoice.

For example at a recent job in the Castro Valley area we measured the moisture content in a doorframe that was not affected by the water intrusion. The wood had 17% moisture content. This “number” became our drying “goal”. Next, we measured the moisture content of a doorframe that had been wetted by the water intrusion. The affected doorframe moisture was at 68%. Very wet indeed. After three days of drying at the damaged location, our SERVPRO of San Leandro technicians were able to reduce the once wet doorframe to 15% moisture content. This is actually two percentage points lower than the original, non-affected doorframe.


This type of drying is referred to as mitigation. What is significant about mitigation is that we were able to dry the doorframe instead of having to remove and replace it. Our SERVPRO of San Leandro tem can perform this same scientific and cost effective drying process for your home or commercial location experiences a water flooding. Just give us a call at 510-352-2480.

Improving Your Home After Fire Damage

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Fire Damage Improving Your Home After Fire Damage If Fire Damages Your Home in Alameda, Contact SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage Repairs

If your home has recently been damaged by fire, you understandably are eager to get started improving the property so that life can resume as soon as possible. A fire may make certain areas of your home unusable until the fire damage has been repaired, or it may make the entire home unsafe to be in until the cleanup and repair work is completed. Regardless of how significant or minor the work is, you may want to know how long it will take. The timeline is dependent on not only, the restorative process, but also if any remodeling is included in the final product.

Getting the Repair Work Started
It can be difficult to determine how and where to get started with fire damage repair work in Alameda. The first step in the repair process is to remove water from the home if firefighters used water during the extinguishing process. Perhaps, a kitchen fire left chemical residue for cleanup. Water extraction can be completed by the professionals from SERVPRO with minimal time and effort. We arrive with our green vehicles stocked with equipment, and supplies to surmount any cleaning and restoration need. Then, you can begin the repair process and decide which items need to be replaced and which ones need to be repaired. We can suggest to you and your adjuster what items and materials are salvageable. Keep in mind that smoke damage can also be a problem, and some items, such as carpeting, and the HVAC system may need to be professionally cleaned to remove the smoke odor from the home.

Repairing your home after you have suffered fire damage is not something that you want to attempt on your own. A fire damage restoration project requires a considerable amount of time and energy to complete. But SERVPRO of San Leandro can help you restore your property in minimal time with minimal costs. Our IICRC certified technicians have the skills and assets to do a full restoration. We are a locally owned and operated fire damage repair franchise that is ready to begin working for you. We can also help with mold, storm, or water damaging events to your property. Call us today for 24/7 emergency assistance at (510) 352-2480.

Union City Mold Damage - Mold Remediation and Removal Services in Union City

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Mold Remediation Union City Mold Damage - Mold Remediation and Removal Services in Union City Mold damage in Union City can cause severe damage.

Union City Mold Remediation and Removal Services

As a coastal northern metropolitan city in the San Francisco Bay Area and located in Alameda County, California, mold problems in Union City can occur at any time, both indoors and outdoors - no one is immune. Due to unknown water leaks, a damaging fire, an over abundance of rain due to weather storms, or simply aging surfaces, mold and other fungal spores can appear and take hold within homes, businesses, and Union City industries.
Almost every cubic feet of air contains thousands of mold and fungal spores; some are beneficial, and others are can cause damage. Mold spores only need three things to survive: food, water, and the proper temperature conditions. People generally spend 85% to 90% of their time indoors and if any indoor air pollutants are present, it is not a healthy environment.
Union City mold removal and remediation is best performed by certified technicians. They are trained, bonded, and licensed to provide a full-service removal process and protocol exam. Their technicians are certified (“IICRC”) which has established strict cleaning standards for mold restoration and cleaning. Professionals follow the IICRC S-500 Water Damage Guide that defines the proper standards that incorporates psychometry which describes the correction of temperature and relative humidity to remove excess air moisture and to dry a property quickly and efficiently.
The mold removal and remediation experts will perform a site containment inspection, test for air purification, perform surface decontamination and treatment to remove existing mold, as well as to prevent future mold growth. Through innovative tools, equipment, and processes, experienced technicians perform moisture and measurement detection tests with infrared cameras, hygrometers, sensitive water detectors, and other moisture saturation meters. Powerful extraction equipment helps to remove the bulk of any standing water with pumps that are both submersible and gas powered pumps, which are on fully stocked mounted trucks and portable extraction units for efficient water removal.
Mold removal technicians use industrial strength speed air movers and dehumidifiers to help prevent swelling and warping of floors, walls, and furniture. OSHA approved cleaning agents are used to remove odors, to deodorize the affected area, and to sanitize the area with high-quality thermal foggers, germicides, and anti-microbial treatments, and more. This disinfection process stops the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold spores, and other harmful microorganisms.
If a Union City home or business has a mold problem, their certified technicians can inspect and assess each property and use their specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate all types of mold infestations. Also, as a certified indoor air quality and mold removal company, they have several locations throughout northern California to inspect and service both commercial and residential properties.
As a part of the northern California community, Union City's SERVPRO is locally owned and operated. We are thrilled to be members of this community, and we proudly serve our local communities of Alameda, Oakland, and Berkeley with the cleaning and restoration brand name that is well known and trusted. When you have a mold problem, call us at (510) 352-2480 because we are available to help with any fire, storm, or mold problem 24/7, and we will respond within one hour to help minimize any damage and the cleaning and restoration costs. Save time, stress, and money by contacting us today and visit us at for additional information.

Union City Mold Damage--Who to Call?

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Mold Remediation Union City Mold Damage--Who to Call? Mold on Bread is Not Like Mold In Your Union City Home--Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides Professional Mold Remediation for Your Union City Property

Mold damage in Union City is not to be ignored. You should know when to call a mold remediation company in Uncion City so that you can make sure to address any mold that grows in your home. Mold is a fungus that can lead to adverse health effects. This is why it is vital to make sure that you have your home inspected for any growth of mold if you smell a musty odor or see a visible mold patch. In the case of water or storm damages, it is important to make sure that you know a company to call to take care of the water extraction to limit the opportunistic fungi from blooming.
While it can be daunting to find a mold remediation specialist that is right for the job, there are a few of things to look for in a mold specialist. A reputable company will have insurance, and a license to operate. One thing you do not want is a mold damage company to cause even more damage and not remove most of the mold. If a company claims it can eliminate all of the molds from your Union City home, that is an unprofessional remark, so look elsewhere.  Mold spores will be present since they are endemic in nature.
The next step in finding an Union City mold remediation company is to read online reviews and look at testimonials. These are a greater indication that the specialist is a trustworthy professional. You also know that they effectively take care of the mold situation that you have in your home. If you get consistently good reviews, then you should contact a mold remediation expert that also offers water removal and a final walk through to ensure your complete satisfaction with the job. One good mold remediation company that is thorough in their work is SERVPRO of San Leandro. They take the time to inspect the home, discover mold if present, and offer a safe remediation process. With proper IICRC certified training, top of the line equipment, and experience your home will be restored to a safe and wholesome space. For Union City, Piedmont, Oakland, and the surrounding areas, give them a call at (989) 893-8340.

SERVPRO of San Leandro Performs Community Services at USS Hornet - Alameda Aircraft Carrier Museum

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General SERVPRO of San Leandro Performs Community Services at USS Hornet - Alameda Aircraft Carrier Museum SERVPRO of San Leandro at the Massive Prow of the USS Hornet

The Team at SERVPRO of San Leandro joins SERVPRO of Belmont/San Carlos and SERVPRO of Stockton to help prepare the USS Hornet Museum for the tourist season.

The crew participated in the Volunteer Cleaning Day at the USS Hornet Museum aircraft carrier located on the San Francisco Bay.  Our crew performed pressure washing and dusting services to help clean and restore this historical treasure.

Mold Damage Oakland-Homeowners Need Answers

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Mold Remediation  Mold Damage Oakland-Homeowners Need Answers Have Mold Treatment--Don't Ignore Mold

SERVPRO Inspects and Remedies Oakland Mold Infestations

There are companies that can remedy mold damage in your Oakland home if and when you get infested. Molds are part of nature and exist in home environments. Mold spores can circulate through your HVAC duct work, enter your home on your clothes or the fur of your dog.

Mold, when it is present impacts people is various ways, especially allergic individuals to allergens, pollens and the mycotoxins which are produced by mold colonies. Others only feel uncomfortable and tired a good portion of the time. Mold proliferation can occur if the initial problem isn't tackled quickly.

The difficulty of most people is that they cannot see where these fungi are growing. You can sense it by the smell under many conditions. It has an earthy, musty smell and occasionally people only think it is a wet smell. That is part of the problem as a water leak is often the source of moisture that allows for mold growth. Water can come in through the basement or crawlspace walls or from a leaking pipe just about anywhere in the home.

These fungi can become attached to any surface, often behind walls, above ceilings and within subfloors. They can become entangled in the pile of your carpet and in any room such as the kitchen and bathroom where moisture is present. Health effects can result from the infiltration of mold and mold spores as they travel from one room to another in the air conditioner or heating system. If you smell this odor, the best thing to do is to call a mold remediation firm like SERVPRO, to inspect for mold infestations, and if found, to recommend professional mold remediation. Mold, as any legitimate company will verify, cannot be totally removed and killed from your Alameda property. Returning your interior to acceptable levels for health and safety, while cleaning and restoring any damaged items or building materials, are the goals. Of course, the sources of moisture must be discovered and fixed to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

SERVPRO has the specialized equipment that can locate where mold is colonizing. The trained, insured technicians from SERVPRO have the experience to know where to look and how to remediate the mold growths. The process for cleaning this mold consists of containment barriers (an example is poly sheeting) and negative pressure systems that keep the contaminated areas separated from unaffected areas of the house until the cleaning and sanitizing is complete. The cleaning is conducted by following the standards set forth by the IICRC. SERVPRO has specially developed cleaning agents for restoring mold damaged items from staining and advanced growth.

While this cleaning is going on, dehumidifiers are set up to help remove excess moisture (target RH in the house is 45%)  that, if the levels are left too high, can continue to allow this mold growth. Air scrubbers are employed to purge the air of most mold spores and foggers help to sanitize and deodorize the affected areas.

When you have that sense that an earthy, musty odor is coming from the basement, the attic or even from inside of the wall, call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 to get us on the job to remedy mold damage to your Oakland property.

Possible Permanent Water Damage to an Oakland Property If Not Properly Treated

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Water Damage Possible  Permanent Water Damage to an Oakland Property If Not Properly Treated Don't Let Standing Water Cause This Much Damage--Call SERVPRO Fast!

Your Oakland Water Damaged Home Can Be Restored By SERVPRO

Oakland water damage is a problem that most property owners would rather not have to face. After heavy rains or flooding, the risk of water damage increases. Water can cause thousands of dollars in damages. It can damage wood, furniture, electronics, household appliances, and your electrical and plumbing systems. Water intrusion poses risks to your health from exposure to mold, raw sewage, and bacteria. Hire water damage restoration experts from SERVPRO. They can make the water removal and clean up safer and faster.

Water Damage Comes From Many Sources
Water damage can be caused by dishwashers that leak, toilets that become clogged, appliances hoses that break, leaks from plumbing, or broken pipes. When too much water and an insufficient way to move or get rid of the it, more complicated problems can arise. For example, a small flood or leak over time can cause structural damage to your home. Water damage if untreated, can destroy homes or cause them to be uninhabitable until after restoration. You must start the water damage cleanup immediately. If you initiate the water damage restoration process quickly, you increase the chances of saving water damaged items and reduce the risk of unsalvageable items and structural failures.

Permanent Damage Caused By Water
Water will encourage the proliferation of mold growth. Mold growth can destroy woodwork, ceilings, drywall, and other trim. Further, it can damage furniture that sits and soaks in water for an extended period. Constant standing water will cause boards and planks in your home to become warped and weakened. Over time, this will lead to threatening the structural integrity of your home. Water can ruin your home. Waiting to remove water and block on-going damage saves you stress, time, money, and preserves more of your personal, irreplaceable possessions.

Our experts from SERVPRO also have the IICRC training to complement an extensive arsenal of industry grade pumping equipment, drying machines, cleaning products, and expertise to surmount all of your Oakland water damage. Some water damage may only require a minor cleanup process. However, some jobs may need a big renovation. We can cover the entire process from water removal to complete restoration and keep you well informed of the progress. Our goal is to mitigate the water damage, and get you back home "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

As water damage specialists, SERVPRO of San Leandro has the equipment, experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables us to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. We respond to your water damage in Oakland, Alameda, and Piedmont quickly. Call us 24/7 at (510) 352-2480

Why Oakland Fire Damage Requires a Fast, Professional Response

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Fire Damage Why Oakland Fire Damage Requires a Fast, Professional Response SERVPRO Says a Fire Extinguisher Can Prevent a Major Fire

Call SERVPRO of San Leandro for Residential Fire Damage in Oakland

Fires can break out in your home for a number of reasons, including common causes such as a lightning strike, an electrical issue or a mishap with cigarettes. Some fires are extinguished quickly, creating only a small amount of Oakland fire damage for you to contend with. Other fires may rage for a longer period of time, and the result may be that an extensive portion of your property is damaged. Regardless of the size of the burned area, fire damage requires a fast, professional response from a remediation and repair company.

The Damage from a Fire
When you assess the damage from a fire in your home, you may be taken aback at the extent of damage from even a small fire. The charred area from the flames may be rather localized to a specific room or area of the home in many cases, and this is particularly true if the fire was extinguished quickly. However, the fire damage can extend far beyond the section that was burned. Consider, for example, that the smoke from the fire may have filled several rooms or even the entire home. This smoke can cling to walls, carpeting, furniture and more, and it can also cause staining. In addition to the smoke, the water and flame-retardant material from the firefighters' efforts may be scattered throughout the area, creating an additional mess.

The Steps for Fire Damage Restoration
With such a situation on your hands, you may be wondering how you can repair the damage that has affected your home. The Oakland fire damage repair process involves an initial assessment of the damage, and this ideally will be completed as soon as possible once the fire event has been completed. The water will need to be dried out of the home before the restoration process can begin. Once the restoration work begins, soot, smoke damage, and fire damage will be remedied with professional results.

Why You Need a Professional Response
Some homeowners may think about completing this process on their own, but it's best left to professionals. This is because some of the work, such as water remediation, should be completed as soon as possible and with thorough results to avoid mold damage. In addition, the restoration process for smoke damage in Oakland can be more difficult than you may think, requiring cleaning throughout much of the home. SERVPRO of San Leandro is the trusted and dependable restoration company that many others have already used for their fire damage restoration services, and we're ready to help you. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of San Leandro is strategically located to respond quickly to your fire, flood or water emergency event. When a major or damaging event occurs in your Oakland or Alameda area home, we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us at (510) 352-2480.

Alameda Coast Guard Island Cleaning and Mold Remediation

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Commercial  Alameda Coast Guard Island Cleaning and Mold Remediation Cleaning and Mold Removal by SERVPRO Makes this CG Cutter Shipshape

SERVPRO Services CG Cutter in Alameda for Cleaning and Mold Removal

Recently, SERVPRO of San Leandro cleaned carpets and removed mold in the officer's quarters on board a US Coast Guard cutter based at Coast Guard Island located in the Oakland Estuary of Alameda County. Today, this base is home to the USCG Pacific Area and serves as a facilities and logistics center. In past years it was a recruiting and training base. Today, a fleet of five-cutters like the one in the photo, sail in and out of Coast Guard Island, Alameda to protect mariners everywhere as they patrol our nation's west coast.

It's nice to give back by providing expert environmental cleanup services that protected the health of the officers and crew. 
The nearby cities of Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley have an active maritime industry including protected harbors for motor yachts and sailing yachts and the busy Port of Oakland's container shipping facility. Providing specialty cleaning and restoration services for yachts and commercial ships is part of what we do. Just like our slogan says, "Making it Like It Never Even Happened."

Commercial Building and Fleet Restoration Services

SERVPRO of San Leandro is available 24 hours a day to restore your San Leandro property or boat. We have the expertise, equipment, and highly trained personnel to handle your commercial fire,water, or mold damage. We can also access the resources of our national network of 1,650 Franchises to handle large commercial projects and major storm events. Call us for information and help. (510) 352-2480

The Six Classes of Fire Damage in Alameda

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Fire Damage The Six Classes of Fire Damage in Alameda Smoking materials are the leading cause of home fire deaths.

Alameda Fire Damage Classifications 

The Six Classes of Fire Damage: Your Quick Reference Guide

Although no one wants to experience a fire in their office or home, you never know when this unwanted disaster could transpire. Whether the disaster transpires because of a brush fire or bad electrical wiring, your property could suffer a wide range of adverse, inconveniencing outcomes. There are six classes of Alameda fire damage that your property can be subjected to. Learn more about these classes by reviewing the quick reference guide that appears below:

 Six Classes of Fire Damage

 1. Class A

 This type of fire damage results from combustible items in your household such as rubber, plastics, paper, and wood.

 2. Class B

Class B damages pertain to damage that results from liquids. It can also include solid items that became liquefied. Examples include paints, waxes, petrol, and gasoline. This class of Alameda fire damage does not include deterioration resulting from cooking liquids such as corn oil.

 3. Class C

This type of fire damage results from flammable gasses. Some flammable gasses include hydrogen, methane, acetylene, and propane.

 4. Class D

This kind of fire damage in Alameda results from combustible metals. Some of them include magnesium, potassium, and titanium. This class is not common given that metals typically direct heat away from the fire.

 5. Class E

Class E is a fire damage category that includes electrical equipment while also incorporating the materials from categories A and B. In addition to generating distinct types of damage, this class of fire damage makes it much more challenging to fight the fire.

 6. Class F

Class F fire damage results from unsaturated cooking materials such as fats and oils.

 Finding The Right Fire Damage Restoration Company

Irrespective of the category of fire damage that surfaces on your property, it is important for you to attain high-quality restoration services as soon as possible. To ensure that you attain the cutting edge, customized fire damage restoration services that you need and deserve, make sure the company you select possesses all of the following attributes:

 • A good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating

• IICRC-certified technicians

• Excellent customer service

• Good online reviews

 When you find that your company has been impacted by fire damage, don't wait. Instead, accelerate and optimize the recovery process by attaining the best restoration services on the block. As a company with more than 60 years of industry experience and 1,650 franchises, the professionals of SERVPRO have built a strong reputation for consistently offering clients the excellent, expedient fire damage restoration services they deserve.

 Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of San Leandro is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. When fire damage occurs in Alameda, San Lorenzo, or Union City, we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (510) 352-2480