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SERVPRO vehicles parked outside building while responding to an emergeny

SERVPRO'S After Hours Response to Commercial Fire Damage in Oakland

When a fire broke out late at night in this 12 story high rise in Oakland, SERVPRO was ready to go. The fire was on the second floor, and smoke damage occurred throughout the building. We began mitigation immediately by securing the doors and broken windows, then began the restoration process.

We are your neighbors and are always on call. We can mobilize quickly to begin the restoration of your property.  

Bathroom suffered major fire damage

Fire Damage In Oakland

A fire can be very damaging to your Oakland home. Our fire damage technicians will use our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced cleaning techniques to restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of San Leandro has the training and experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage – Oakland Office

Water damage at this Oakland office put a portion of the office out of business. The office manager needed as much space as possible to conduct business. He was anxious to find a quick and professional solution to his problem. SERVPRO of San Leandro provides emergency service 24/7 and could dispatch a crew of industry certified technicians immediately providing the “Faster to any size disaster” that we advertise. Our crew would be armed with the latest equipment and procedures to ensure a complete and professional resolution to the client's water damage problem.

Team Strategy Meeting for Upcoming Year - 2019

The SERVPRO of San Leandro team recently had its annual business strategy meeting, and it was a success! The meeting was held at the FrsTEAMS' corporate headquarters' new conference room in Hayward, California. We discussed business goals in each department for 2019 and even had time for a little team bonding. Thank you to the FrsTEAM for letting us use their facility. 

Carpet Cleaning in San Leandro

When SERVPRO cleaning technicians double-team up on a carpet in a San Leandro bedroom, there can be only one outcome. Yep! A very clean, almost like new, fresh-smelling and sanitary floor covering. Our team can utilize a large assortment of formulated cleaning products paired with heated specialty vacuum wands, to achieve superlative results. The bedroom carpet looks and feels better than "Like it never even happened." Another happy customer.

Water Damage Pack Out in Castro Valley

When your home in Castro Valley faces water damage, sometimes removing the contents is helpful for the water removal and restoration process.  Count on SERVPRO of San Leandro's crew to carefully store the contents of your home at our storage location so that they remain unharmed.  Call us at (510) 352-2480 today!

San Leandro Fire Loss and Smiles

When our smiling crew went to the San Leandro property, they found a minor fire that was extinguished but left behind a slightly charred and sooty residue. Since it was wood that could be restored our SERVPRO team members happily attacked the task at hand. Decked out in their Tyvek suits and gloves they used "soda blasting" to remove the slightly embedded carbonized debris within the wood. The semi-abrasive pressurized discharge leaves the surface clean, smooth, and no wetness from water. Sodium bicarbonate (large particle baking soda) shatters on impact and thus removes the film or grime without damaging the surface. It this case, it also acts as a deodorizer. Do you have a box of baking soda in your fridge? SERVPRO has the talented employees and cutting-edge equipment to provide cost-effective and successful treatment. Just call us to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Team Members Handle Your Furniture With Care

Any disaster is painful and having to move during the restoration process makes the recovery even more traumatic.  SERVPRO of San Leandro understands the stress you are experiencing and can help lighten your load. 

Our team members carefully protect your furniture and then store it in our secure facility.  We give your furniture and belongings the same care that we give our own.  Contact SERVPRO of San Leandro 24/7 at (510) 352-2480 for assistance with any size disaster.

Inventorying Personal Belongings in San Leandro

Sometimes the restoration process requires removing personal property from the premises. This image shows a team member inventorying a customer's contents in a storage vault. We inventory all contents item-by-item and then store them in our secure facility.

We know that disasters are traumatic and we give your belongings the same care that we would give our own. Call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 with any questions about our content's storage process.

Oakland Straight-Line Wind Storm

A short, abrupt wind storm can easily damage a roof already in need of repair. The Photo shows the storm damage caused by turbulence into the attic that broke through the ceiling and even dumped some insulation. SERVPRO understands the need for safe and sanitary cleanup of this type of damage. Call us for help, 24/7.

Crawlspace Terrors

What comes to mind when you think of crawlspaces? This picture is from El Torito Mexican restaurant located in San Leandro, CA.

Here you will see standing water in crawlspaces due to a water leak from a mop sink. In these dark, nightmare-like areas you come across all types of insects, bugs, rodents, and more. 

SERVPRO technicians are here to take on any challenge, no matter what circumstances.

Mold Remediation In Oakland

Mold can be a nuisance and our team SERVPRO can handle any size mold infestation. Mold spreads quickly, and our mold remediation specialists are available 24/7 to assist you. SERVPRO of San Leandro has the equipment, training, and mold damage experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Storm Trooper Award

We received recognition for assisting in fire storm cleanup in Northern California. This recognition means a lot to our SERVPRO family. Our skilled technicians from SERVPRO of San Leandro were ready and arrived at the disaster quickly. We have the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced training to handle any size disaster. You can depend on our team to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage – San Leandro

Storm damage in San Leandro can come in large doses requiring specialized large loss equipment to remediate the damages. Shown here is a large trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier which forces hot, dry air into water damaged buildings to aid in the drying of the structure and the air within the building.

Technical College Water Cleanup

SERVPRO of San Leandro responded to a weekend call from the Maintenance Director of a local college. A drinking water supply line in a cafeteria broke and flooded the bookstore, hallways and several large classrooms. All the rooms were ready for class on Monday morning. (A portion of the bookstore remained closed off until Tuesday morning.) We understand the need to get a building back into use as soon as possible.

Mold Damage – San Leandro Home

Mold damage on the ceiling of this San Leandro home was due to the water heater in the attic which leaked and overflowed its containment tray. The moisture and darkness together in the attic led to mold growth on the ceiling and the insulation.

School Flooded by Rain Storms

In the San Francisco Bay Area many schools, especially ones built after 1950 are located in our "flat-lands" at the base of our Bay Area hills. These schools are usually one story on grade slab construction. Just a few inches of runoff rainwater can enter these buildings... SERVPRO to the rescue.

Biohazard in Attic

Raccoons can make a big mess when they make their way into an attic. One thing that we have learned about raccoons, they set up a designated toilet area. If you need help with attic cleanup we are ready to help SERVPRO of San Leandro 510-352-2480.

Spider Web or Soot Tag?

When a fire burns inside a structure, the soot that is produced will contain chemicals and tiny particles  of structural material that were not completely consumed by the fire. When plastic material burn there can be tiny static charged particles that form "soot chains" or "soot webs" that look like spider webs.

Equipped to be of Service...

Visit our shop and you will see shelves of green drying equipment. We must own and maintain an inventory of restorative drying equipment to successfully service our clients property damage emergencies.

Disaster Recovery Team

There are 1700 SERVPRO franchises in the United States and Canada. Every franchise is equipped to handle the day-to-day property damage emergencies in their local communities.

A select number of these franchises (including us) are trained and equipped to produce large commercial property damage cleanups.  Furthermore, we can recruit fellow SERVPRO franchises to work under our direction to get the job done. Any job, from small to gigantic. We are SERVPRO of San Leandro 510-352-2480.

Cleaning with sound waves.

Ultrasonic cleaning (featuring sound waves) has been used to clean electronics parts and fine jewelry for many years. It is also used on a larger scale to clean household contents that been soiled by soot and grease.   The restoration ultrasonic machine is 30 feet long and features a pre-soak chamber, ultra sonic chamber, rinse sink and drying booth

Uniformed Employees

When you hire a professional service provider you want the technicians not only know what they are doing, you want them to look professional. Image is important and especially for any company that is delivering cleaning services. It gives the client an added measure of confidence. That's why we "brand" our vehicles, equipment and crew members

Commercial Desiccant

Some jobs are large and complex... the kind of structural material that needs to be dried impacts the complexity of drying. Hardwood and masonry construction often requires specialized drying techniques and equipment. This is an example of desiccant drying at work. 

Document Recovery

Fire and then the water used to extinguish the flames damaged the contents of these file cabinets.

SERVPRO of San Leandro provides a service to dry and "save" documents. It is not always possible to restore the document to a before it happened appearance, but usually the content and signatures can be recovered.  

Flooded Office

Failing water delivery pipes, toilet overflows and fire sprinklers going off are a few of the most common ways that water can damage an office. Rainwater and ground flooding may also cause water damages. Once we responded to an aquarium toppling over during an earthquake. However a water damage happens we can clean and dry it up. 

Mold Spread by Dirty HVAC System

A video camera was sent into this ductwork to examine the soil condition. Lots of dust. Lots of mold spores too. That explains why mold was growing on the walls of the home near the registers. 

Board Up Services

24/7 emergency window and door board-up services for both commercial and residential locations.

SERVPRO of San Leandro has been providing these services for water and fire damaged structures as well as for fallen trees and when vehicles crash into structures.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imagery was created by the military to detect "warm bodies" in the dark. Like so much military technology there are many peace time uses for thermal imagery.

At SERVPRO, we use it to detect temperature changes within the walls and ceilings of a structure. If a portion of structural materials is damp it will present a different color signature and a temperature readout on the camera's screen. The benefit of using the thermal camera is the time it saves over having to use a hand held meter to press against various surfaces, and being able to aim it at ceiling and upper wall sections that would otherwise require someone to climb onto a ladder to make a reading with a hand held moisture meter device.

Ground Water Extraction

Rain water caused ground water flooding of a cafeteria tile floor. The picture shows the excess water is being extracted before EPA approved disinfectants are applied to the hard surface floor.

Classroom Mold Remediation

A mold infested beam on a classroom ceiling was cleaned, sanded and stained to be as good or better than when it was first installed. All work was performed on a weekend to avoid closing the classroom.

Soot Removal from Kitchen Fire

Smoke and soot from kitchen fires can contain grease and may be very hard to clean. This kitchen ceiling was darkened by burning wood and not grease. Never the less it is not easy to remove this much soot. Our technician is doing a great job.

Cleanup for Automobiles

Our skilled technicians provide services all around Northern California at car dealerships and service centers to perform cleanup services for a major automobile brand. These services include: drying, deodorizing and even mold removal. 

Sheetrock (drywall board) Removal.

Most water that flows through a structure damages the gypsum board and it must be removed. Our technicians do their best to remove the wall board by doing straight / precision cuts. This makes it easier to perform the sheetrock replacement.

Mold might look pretty...

When you see closeup photos of mold it is an interesting and complex structure, even pretty. However, some molds can put out toxic spores and gases that can cause health threats to some people. At SERVPRO we know how to remove mold from your indoor environment. 

SERVPRO Storm Team in Route

Skilled storm damage cleanup technicians from the SERVPRO Storm Team are in route to flooding and storm damage events in Oklahoma. In the past several years SERVPRO of San Leandro team members have traveled all across America to participate in damage cleanup efforts.

Specific Smoke Cleanup Chemicals

Fire and smoke damage cleanup is a science. Regular cleaning using detergents just isn't good enough. SERVPRO uses specific treatments made for cleaning for fire and smoke damaged structures and affected contents.

SERVPRO Cleaning Agents

SERVPRO Industries produces in-house cleaning products for its 1,700 franchises. The products are made to handle a variety of special cleaning needs such as soot removal, odor control and environment concerns such as mold and bacteria.


SERVPRO of San Leandro office staff are celebrating Dwayne's birthday. Each month our company celebrates all of those employees with birthdays during that particular month. This time, Dwayne Beck warehouse employee was the sole employee with a birthday. 

Inside Our Box Truck

The big green SERVPRO trucks are used to transport drying and cleaning equipment. This photograph shows the inside of a box truck and how it is set up for water drying jobs.

San Leandro Public Safety Days

SERVPRO of San Leandro participates in Safety Days. This past event our theme was Emergency Preparation for Water Damage. We are always please to meet the hundreds of fellow citizens who attend the event.

Fidencio Carrillo

Introducing one of SERVPRO's top technicians and skilled carpenters, Fidencio Carrillo. He has been with SERVPRO since 2010 and is very popular with our clients. Our commercial clients such as property managers request his service.

Containment Barrier

Erecting a plastic barrier to isolate a damp/wet room from a non-effected space will speed up drying. We have learned that it also keeps persons away from the work location, and that's great for safety.

Final cleanup of a moldy room

This glossy floor represents  the final cleanup of a dining room that experienced a nasty sewage spill. After the cleaning and sanitation was completed, the floor was waxed and polished. It's better than before.

Storm Team

SERVPRO franchises maintain a variety of vehicles equipped for our storm response teams to travel to locations anywhere in the USA and Canada. We have worked in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Georgia, Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina and Los Angeles.

Removed contents from a smoke damaged home

Our company traveled to the Sierra foothills east of Oakdale to provide smoke removal and repair services at this home, following a local forest fire. The pod was used as a cleaning facility to deodorize contents.

Basement Cleanup

Water and mud crashed into a Burlingame home when a small creek overflowed. Our company removed the mud and debris. Next we cleaned the structural materials and performed drying. That is typical of what following El Nino rain storms.

Roy Drake Managing a Commercial Project

Roy Drake, owner of SERVPRO of Belmont / San Carlos; San Leandro and Stockton is seen with Managers planning labor needs. The facility being restored was a defense contractor and the job required the addition of temporary labor.

HAZMAT training

This picture show SERVPRO technicians participating in a week long HAZMAT training class to become proficient in the latest biohazard cleanup techniques. The state of California and the federal government certify technicians as hazmat qualified.

San Leandro Safety Fair

SERVPRO of San Leandro's customer service representatives are seen here taking part in annual San Leandro Fire and Police Department's yearly safety fair. We are always pleased t meet the public to talk about preparedness.

SERVPRO of San Leandro in Arizona?

Have green vehicle, will travel. SERVPRO of San Leandro is part of SERVPRO's International Emergency Response Team. We travel to different parts of the country (and Canada) that are experiencing property disaster events. As a team member we provide equipment and skilled labor to perform property recovery.This photo was taken in the Sonoran Desert near Prescott, on our way to a forest fire in the mountains of northern Arizona

Fire Cleanup Service Team

When we perform fire and smoke damage cleanup, we require supplies and materials to be at the job-site in a timely manner. Our supply trailer is the perfect solution to do this. 

Document Drying in San Leandro.

This is a an example of drying books while we dry the structure. Using an emergency technique to mitigate damage until the books and documents can be transported to a special drying chamber. 

Bathroom Remodel in Castro Valley

A water damage in Castro Valley started in a master bathroom suite. It was an opportunity to remodel the master bathroom. SERVPRO of San Leandro owner designed the project, our in house construction team did the work.

Final Cleanup in San Leandro

A large government contractor experienced a flood in their manufacturing center. At the end of the job, we cleaned the front (outdoor) entry carpeting and made the scene... Like it never even happened.

Managing Customer Contents

SERVPRO of San Leandro has a climate controlled warehouse to store client contents while their structure/propertry is being restored. This photo depicts how inventory is being monitored. The chart shows how storage vaults are assigned and placed in our giant warehouse.

Making the "USS Hornet" Ship-Shape

SERVPRO of San Leandro performed volunteer cleaning services to help restore and maintain the USS Hornet Museum, a World War II aircraft carrier docked in Alameda at the former “Naval Station, Alameda.” The Owners, Partner Roy Drake pictured, worked together with their managers and technicians to provide power washing of the hangar-bay deck to prepare it for a fresh protective coating. The hangar-deck contains displays that describe the story of this great ship; it’s service during the Second World War and in Viet Nam. The USS Hornet serviced NASA as the primary retrieval vessel used to pick up the Moon landing Astronauts when they returned to Earth by “splashing down” in the Pacific.

Additional work performed aboard the USS Hornet included dusting many of the interior rooms and facilities and operational equipment that are on display.

SERVPRO Customer Service Employee Learning about Mold.

This is an example of one of our Customer Service and Business Development Representatives taking part in a SERVPRO online training webinar concerning mold. Our entire team benefits from web-based advanced training designed to be a self-paced coaching series for our valuable employees. Our team members go through classes about fire cleaning production, water mitigation and other services; ongoing training helps us provide our customers the best possible restoration solutions and customer service. If you have questions about water, fire or mold property damage restoration in the Oakland/Alameda area, call SERVPRO of San Leandro at 510-352-2480.

Dodge Sprinters for Even Faster Service

Two volunteers flew to Nashville area to retrieve two new Dodge Sprinter vans equipped with restorative drying equipment. They drove back to our SERVPRO of San Leandro franchise in time to service potential emergency El Nino storm damage.  winter storm

The vehicles were loaded with drying equipment  and made ready to service our local communities of Oakland, Alameda, and Piedmont. SERVPRO of San Leandro has the training, experience, and equipment (even more now) to handle large commercial storm or water damage emergencies. With a quick response, we will clean and manage the restoration process through to completion. Call us 24/7 for emergency service. (510) 352-2480

Quick response to an Oakland Fire

When a fire blazed its way through a mixed commercial/residential location in downtown Oakland, SERVPRO of San Leandro, arrived on the scene to help restore order. Our SERVPRO fleet of green vehicles (not including the bicycle) arrived soon after the Oakland Fire Department, fully equipped and ready to mitigate fire and water damage to the local eateries and higher level apartments. Our team member Rachelle met with owners and received approval for our on-site technicians to immediately begin the cleanup and restoration, saving time and money for the local businesses and residents.

We are 'Faster to Any Size Disaster'. If your business experiences a fire loss, call the fire and water damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO and we’ll respond immediately to get you back to business. We are expert in providing business interruption solutions.

SERVPRO Extracted Water and Provided Electricity to a large San Leandro Defense Contractor

When a City of San Leandro water main pipe broke in the courtyard of a large defense contractor headquartered in San Leandro it flooded a large portion of the company's offices. Our team responded with water extraction and drying equipment. We also provided a power generation trailer to help keep their manufacturing facility operating. We are pleased to serve the residential and business community of San Leandro and have been doing so since the 1970's.

This photograph shows one of our carpet cleaning technicians putting the final cleaning touches on the outdoor artificial turf near the company's front entry.

Our cleaning and storage facility.

Fire damage cleanup after a San Leandro fire is carried out by SERVPRO trained and certified technicians. Many items can be restored and returned to a customer’s home. It saves money but more importantly helps families when they move back into familiar surroundings. The containers that homeowner's contents are placed in for transit to our facility and for moving them back to the customers home are visible in the background of this photo. The contents are inventoried item-by-item for the client and their insurance companies. Hopefully, you will never need fire and water damage restoration. But if you have a need, please call SERVPRO of San Leandro 24/7 at (510) 352-2480.