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Have a Water Damage Event? Call the Experts in San Leandro

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Have a Water Damage Event? Call the Experts in San Leandro Our technicians focus on stopping the leak first and then remediating the damage. When facing any type of water damage situtation, contact SERVPRO.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Equipped to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

Water is our life source as humans. However, water can sometimes hurt your San Leandro home. Moisture inside your dwelling is always a rough situation.
So, a pipe broke inside your house, what do you do? We recommend that you call SERVPRO's water damage professionals in San Leandro. Water spilling out from anywhere inside your house is something nobody ever wants.
Too much moisture inside your home possibly causes some issues. If furniture or contents inside your home get too wet, it is possible that damage occurs. Sometimes water saturates building materials such as carpet or drywall, and the materials must get removed.
Paper and wooden building materials are susceptible to mold growth. If too much water is in the air inside your home, the moisture sometimes causes damage to areas of your home other than the source. High moisture levels in the air makes it possible for mold to form in other areas of your home as well.
SERVPRO's experts have all of the necessary equipment and expertise to test the air and building materials within your home for moisture levels. If the water damage ruined the flooring or walls, then the damaged material gets taken out before drying can occur. Depending on the extent of damage sometimes nothing gets removed at all.
In many cases, our specialists remediate your water damage problem without removing anything. The team comes in and sets up a variety of drying equipment that is designed to dry out regions of your house before any fungi grow. We have different types of equipment to aid the drying process including air movers, injectidry systems, heaters, dehumidifiers, and drying mats. These different pieces of equipment are designed to create the right environment inside your home to dry out the wet areas as quick as possible.
Using the industry's best equipment many times our crew can dry out water damaged areas without having to remove anything from your home. If you have unwanted moisture inside your house due to a water leak, then call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 24 for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Cleaning Up Water Damage In Your San Leandro Kitchen From A Leaking Dishwasher

1/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Cleaning Up Water Damage In Your San Leandro Kitchen From A Leaking Dishwasher Time is of the essence with any water leak, including a leaking dishwasher.

Cleaning Up Water Damage

Time is of the essence with any water leak, including a leaking dishwasher. The faster you respond to take action to stop water from spilling onto your kitchen floor in San Leandro, the less damage that is done and this also means less costly repairs. Your dishwasher can fail for several reasons including it being installed unevenly, using the wrong dishwashing soap, a broken door, loose connections, and a worn gasket.

Whatever the reason your dishwasher has begun leaking water all over your kitchen floor, the issue needs to be handled fast. Water damage can quickly escalate in your San Leandro home, and professional help to clean it up is best. SERVPRO has the staff and tools to expertly clean up the mess and restore your home back to normal.

During the restoration of your home, we need to create a drying goal. We monitor the drying process daily to see whether this goal is being accomplished. A drying goal is a condition we want to bring to the affected area of your structure and how dry we want the environment to be when we are finished.

SERVPRO technicians use drier air to increase the rate of evaporation. We use specific humidity readings to ensure the humidity in the affected area is lowering. When dry, the specific humidity in this area should be the same or lower than the specific humidity of areas which were not affected.

We also need to establish a dry standard for the contents of your home. We do so by taking moisture content readings from materials that are dry in unaffected areas. These readings are part of our drying goal for the wet areas. A moisture meter is used to see if we are reaching our drying goals and to document how much moisture is in the material every time we monitor. We compare the readings to see if the item is drying, and once we reach the drying goal, the process is complete.

SERVPRO of San Leandro understands that once standing water is out of your home in San Leandro, Mulford Gardens, and the surrounding areas, it does not mean your home is thoroughly dry yet. We take steps to ensure your home is dried back to normal levels when you call us for help at (510) 352-2480.

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A Small Water Leak Can Cause Mold Damage to Your San Leandro Home

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation A Small Water Leak Can Cause Mold Damage to Your San Leandro Home Even a small leak can cause extensive damage to your home by providing moisture for mold to grow.

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage and Prevents Future Damage

You might not even think about it, but a small leak that you leave unfixed in a water pipe of your San Leandro home can cause far more issues than a slightly elevated utility bill every month. Many homeowners have unfortunately discovered that the warmer temperatures mixing with the moisture created by the unrepaired leak have allowed for the creation of mold colonies in the area. With mold potentially causing health effects to both you and your family, this is a situation that needs to get resolved quickly.

Discovering mold damage in your San Leandro home might not seem all that dire, but it is something that could only get worse the longer that you allow it to exist. Furthermore, most methods that you might have for removing the fungus on your own are ultimately ineffective in eradicating the hyphae, which allows the problem to persist and worsen over time. It is vital that you call remediation specialists like ours at SERVPRO to remove these colonies and prevent the problem from getting worse, or persisting at all.

Our first step in the remediation process is to isolate the affected area. Your air circulation devices must be shut down for the duration of our work to accomplish this. SERVPRO does this to prevent the spread of spores to new areas of your home, and it also aids in containing the present spores to neutralize them using our filtration systems and negative air chambers.

Depending on the surface or material that requires cleaning and disinfection, various scrubbing tools fitted with HEPA filters get used. These tools sufficiently penetrate the surface to the farthest reaches of the deep-seated fungal organism to remove it entirely. A thorough inspection of the affected area and surrounding surfaces indicates whether further cleaning is necessary.

Dehumidification and repair of the leak that spurned this problem in the first place are both critical steps in completing remediation of mold damage in your home. The process prevents further moisture from getting into the air and reacting with mold spores to create new colonies.

If you have discovered mold growing in your home, our IICRC certified specialists at SERVPRO of San Leandro are only a phone call away. You can reach us 24/7 at (510) 352-2480.

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Understanding the Levels of Cleaning After Water Damage to Your San Leandro Property

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Understanding the Levels of Cleaning After Water Damage to Your San Leandro Property Call SERVPRO Using Industry Formulated Cleaning Products for Your San Leandro Home After Water Intrusion

SERVPRO Offers Water Removal and Clean Up for Properties As Needed

Getting your San Leandro property clean after a water damage incidence can be a tricky thing if you do not seek professional help. Things can get especially tricky if the flooding is due to a busted drain pipe or a sewer line.

SERVPRO technicians can get your San Leandro property clean of water damage after such an incidence in no time. We use state-of-the-art technology to remove water and get your home as dry as possible. However, it is essential to understand that there are various levels of cleaning. The level of cleanliness achieved during a routine cleanup may vary in many different situations and requirements.

SERVPRO technicians classify three levels of cleanliness: sterile, disinfected and sanitary. For an environment to be sterile, it needs to be a 100% contamination-free. This level of cleanliness is not achievable during routine cleaning. Eliminating 100% contamination is almost impossible after water damage incidence. Only hospital rooms require this level of cleanliness.

A disinfected level of cleaning is achieved if 99% of the soil and contaminants are removed. It is vital to achieving this level of cleaning in some cases such as sewer backup. This level of cleaning makes the premises suitable for humans to live after a substantial contamination during water damage. SERVPRO technicians use EPA-registered disinfectants to decontaminate the surfaces and render them safe for occupancy by the homeowners. Killing pathogens is a goal of this process.

A sanitary level of cleaning is achieved when soil and contaminants are removed to such an extent that there is no threat to the health of the occupants of the premises. Some soil and contamination can still exist after SERVPRO technicians achieve a sanitary level of cleaning.

A ‘clean' environment is one that has achieved a sanitary level of cleaning. SERVPRO technicians ensure that we attain a sanitary level of cleaning at a minimum after water damage. We make sure that we attain this level so that there is no health threat to the occupants of the premises.

Call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 today to talk to one of our experts to discuss your restoration needs.

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Signs That You Need Professional Mold Damage Experts to Check in on Your San Leandro Home

12/31/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Signs That You Need Professional Mold Damage Experts to Check in on Your San Leandro Home If you see or smell mold, contact SERVPRO for remediation services right away. Waiting will let the mold proliferate quickly throughout your home.

Our Certified Technicians Remediate the Current Mold Infestation and Then Look for Ways to Prevent a Recurrence

Mold damage is any homeowner's worst nightmare. Mold can cause health effects as well. It is crucial to call in the experts to get rid of the mold as soon as you spot it in your home.

SERVPRO has a team of experts that can help you restore mold damage to your San Leandro home in no time. We can serve you the best if you call us in as soon as you see any signs of mold in your home. Not all mold is apparently visible. You need to inspect your home on a regular basis to spot any early signs of mold damage. Here are some of the things you should be asking yourself during your routine home inspections.

Do you smell a musty odor?
Even when the mold is not visible, a distinct musty odor is a strong indication of its presence. Places such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces are most vulnerable to develop such odors. Make sure that during your next home inspection, you look for any such smell.

Do you see moldy growth?
This one is a no-brainer. If you see any mold in your home, call in the experts here at SERVPRO immediately. Even if you feel that the colonies are small and you can remove them by yourself, don't. There is a good chance that while trying to clean the mold on your own, you can help it spread to uncontaminated areas in no time. Mold clean-up is a job for the professionals and unless you are one, do not even try removing it.

Is there any water damage in your home?
Water damage such as leaky or busted pipes creates a damp environment that is ideal for the mold to thrive. If you see any areas of your home that have excessive moisture, make sure to check for the signs of mold. Even if you do not see mold, call in the SERVPRO technicians to fix leaks and get the humidity under control.

Call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 today to schedule a free consultation. Our trained and highly skilled technicians can take care of your mold problem in no time.

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Team Communication Gets the Right Care for Water Damage in San Leandro Homes

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Team Communication Gets the Right Care for Water Damage in San Leandro Homes SERVPRO of San Leandro will clean and restore your property "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Professional Can Restore Your San Leandro Home From Water Damage

Every water damage case is different, and every home we are called to has unique requirements and impediments that must be worked around. Sometimes, time is the most important consideration, and we have to move as quickly as possible to keep costs down and finish the job in a timely manner. In other cases, however, water damage to a San Leandro home can require delicate and careful work to restore, and may be at risk of worsening if we work too quickly. Our teams operate with trained cohesion and inter-dependability to maintain communication and ensure that proper treatment protocols are put in place for any situation.

Evaluation starts with our experienced inspectors, who are trained to evaluate water damage in your San Leandro home with very specific tools, measurements, and categorizations. These individuals determine how severe the damage is, how widespread it may be, and what treatments may be necessary. They also look for signs of additional damage and hidden problems such as mold and leaks around the home. Once they have formed their expert opinion on the situation, they hand off work to our restoration teams.

SERVPRO restoration technicians are the backbone of our mitigation and restoration services. They carry the tools and training necessary to reverse and repair any damage caused by a disaster and work their hardest to ensure that no sign of damage remains. If they need to work quickly, they have access to powerful industrial tools such as air movers and truck-mounted water extractors. Alternatively, if a situation requires more care and precision work, they can also work with smaller tools and specialized drying techniques to care for delicate materials and objects. We train and certify all SERVPRO technicians to accommodate and treat water damage to all conventional materials in a home.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of San Leandro is ready 24/7 to respond to your call for help. If your home has been impacted by any form of water damage, call us at (510) 352-2480 for our services or advice.

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SERVPRO Cares For Carpets During Water Removal From Mulford Gardens Businesses

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Cares For Carpets During Water Removal From Mulford Gardens Businesses SERVPRO Dries Carpets to Keep Your Mulford Gardens' Office Suite Working

Shops and Offices Benefit from Rapid Water Extraction

It only takes a moment for water to damage a Mulford business. A broken pipe, leaking appliance, damaged roof or leaky window can all cause problems. Entrepreneurs in the local area know that cleanup often means closing doors until cleaning and drying are complete. SERVPRO understands that re-opening swiftly after a leak or flood is essential. That is why our water removal crews are on hand ready to arrive and being remediation quickly.

We also understand that a significant water removal concern for Mulford Gardens businesses is damage to the premises, including carpets, drapes, and furniture. Carpets are often costly to install, and also contribute significantly to the ambiance and professionalism of the business. We understand that you do not want to replace carpets unless it is vital. That is why we take extra care when it is time to dry water-logged carpets.
The main risk when drying carpets is delamination. Delamination occurs when the primary and secondary carpet backing become separated from one another. Signs of delamination include buckling, lumps, fraying or uneven spots.
SERVPRO helps guard against delamination by conducting initial extraction very carefully. We use a range of tools including extraction wands and make as many passes as necessary to remove as much water as possible. We know that removing as much water as we can before we begin drying reduces the risk of damage to the carpet.
After the initial extraction is complete, we use air movers and fans to encourage evaporation and dry both the surface and underneath of the carpet. We use a mix of different air mover types including centrifugal movers which blow air over the surface, downdraft units which draw warm air down and push it over the surface, and low profile which are smaller and therefore easy to guide into different positions.
We also use dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of moisture in the air and encourage faster drying. Rest assured that our technicians do not consider the job done until your commercial carpet is dry once more. We use moisture meters and probes to assess moisture levels before finishing the work.
For help with water removal in San Leandro, Mulford Gardens, and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 today.

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Cleaning Fire Damage in San Leandro

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Fire Damage in San Leandro Smoke damage can be just as damaging as damage from the fire itself. Stay safe and when the fire fighters leave, contact SERVPRO for remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand Fires and the Residues that They Leave Behind in Order to Provide a More Effective Level of Cleaning

Even a small fire in a San Leandro home can cause a remarkable amount of damage. If it burns slowly at a cooler temperature, there may even be more damage than one that burned fast and hot.
Knowing what burned and how fast helps SERVPRO determine the equipment and methods we need to deal with fire damage in a San Leandro home. The process of burning material is called combustion, and it has three requirements: Heat, oxygen, and fuel.
When these requirements burn in the perfect mix, the fire is hot, bright, and leaves little ash or another residue. When the mix is poor, the amount of residue increases accordingly. A poor mix means that either the heat or oxygen are too low to burn cleanly. This poor mix is the source of smoke and soot residues. The lower the heat or oxygen means more smoke is generated and travels farther through the home.
As smoke cools; the residue particles which did not burn in the poor mix fall out of the air and onto the surfaces below. These residue particles are solid bits of carbon and small amounts of liquids called aerosols. They are what makes smoke visible when trapped in the gases generated by the burned organic material.
Understanding this is what helps SERVPRO technicians can determine which cleaners and methods to use in a home. The farther away it is from the fire origin means that the smoke is lighter and contains fewer particles. The farthest point usually contains fewer aerosols, so we start at that point using dry cleaning methods.
Dry cleaning simply means that we wipe down surfaces with a dry cloth or sponge. In a large room, we may use a vacuum cleaner to remove the bulk of it before using a cloth or sponge to remove residue particles from in corners or other spots difficult to reach with the vacuum.
Closer to the fire, we use wet cleaning methods. In this situation, we try to use only water first to break up the thicker residues and then wipe them off surfaces with a cloth or sponge. If the residue is on a surface for an extended amount of time, then we use a cleaning agent to break it up for easier removal. If neither method is effective, then we remove the item for additional cleaning either on-site or at our facility.
Remediating the effects of fire damage requires not just equipment, chemicals, and personnel. The task also needs the knowledge to understand what and how to clean. SERVPRO of San Leandro has built up that knowledge over two decades helping our neighbors and community. If you need our services, call us today at (510) 352-2480.

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Moldy Baseboards

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Moldy Baseboards Mold growing on baseboard.

The photo depicts how mold will grow on a baseboard when there is high indoor humidity, or a moisture leak into a room from a wall (or both conditions.)

This mold was found in a closet. The baseboard was damp from rainwater that penetrated a crack in a stucco wall. The air inside the closet was still and the closet was dark when the door was closed. Food source for mold (wood); constant dampness, darkness and still air are the perfect breeding ground for mold colonies.

The baseboard was on an outside facing wall which was not only damp, the wall was cooler than the other walls and that too was favorable for mold amplification (growth). Cooler surfaces are more readily able to condense water from the air than warm surfaces.

If you are inspecting a property for potential mold, always look in a closet.

Flood Damage Remediation And Checking For Hazards In Your Home

11/4/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Remediation And Checking   For Hazards In Your  Home Just one inch of rainwater can cause thousands of dollars of damage to an average sized home.

Checking For Hazards After A Flood

If heavy rains, thunderstorms, and flash floods are frequent in Mulford Gardens, it is essential that you know steps to take to protect your home and family from flood damage. Just one inch of floodwater can cause thousands of dollars of damage to an average sized home. Regular maintenance is the best way to protect your home, such as keeping your gutters clean and checking storm drains for debris.

Flood damage to your Mulford Gardens home can be devastating, and the longer the water sits in your home, the worse the damage is. You need the professional help of our staff at SERVPRO to dry your home out as fast as possible. We do not hesitate to get to your home after you reach out to us to so remediation can be started right away.

Structures which are storm-damaged could pose hazards and floods can create significant damage to a building. Long-term exposure to water can weaken things such as drywall and flooring, creating hazards for everyone. We check for structural problems before we proceed with water mitigation and restoration.

Other steps we take for safety include checking for gas. If gas is present, we contact the local gas company or fire department right away. If water has entered from above, we look for trapped water in ceiling cavities. Drywall softens when wet, and ceilings could fall on you or our staff. We drill holes to free any trapped water in the ceiling and are careful not to punch them in a row and perforate the ceiling.

Particleboard floors which have been exposed to water might not support the weight of machines or people. SERVPRO workers examine the subfloor to figure out the kind and how stable it is. Exposed nails, broken glass, splinters, and other sharp objects could be present as well. The staff is careful to watch where we step and what we pick up.

Once hazards are located and taken care of, our team can begin the removal of the floodwaters and dry your home. SERVPRO works quickly but efficiently to ensure that your home does not suffer additional damages.

You can be sure SERVPRO of San Leandro takes the safety of everyone involved in every case of flood damage remediation. If you live in Mulford Gardens, San Leandro or the surrounding areas and have suffered from floodwaters, call us immediately at (510) 352-2480.

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