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How To Identify Mold In Your Home or Business

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

How To Identify Mold In Your Home or Business SERVPRO professionals use advanced equipment and experience in mold mitigation to determine the water source of your mold problem.

How To Identify Mold In Your Home or Business

Mold can result in a number of health issues. Sometimes mold can be harder to identify than others.

There is always mold present in some capacity. This species of spore has existed on Earth for up to millions of years. Mold is capable of entering homes through open doors, vents, air conditioning systems, windows, and vents, to name several. 

The mold found in the outdoor air can be brought inside from pets, clothing, bags, and shoes. It tends to grow in the presence of moisture or in which a flood has occurred. Mold can grow on virtually any surface, from paper, ceiling, wood, and cardboard. Furthermore, it can grow in dust, wallpaper, drywall, upholstery, paints, insulation, and fabric.

More often than not, mold can appear like a series of spots of several different colors with a musty smell. If you smell or see mold, it should be removed immediately, regardless of type. If you discover that mold is growing in your household, you must clean it up and fix the problem related to the excess moisture. With the aid of household products, mold can be removed from hard surfaces. Consider the use of soap, water, or a solution of bleach with no greater than a single cup in a gallon of water.

Finding mold in your home or business can be troubling, and it’s natural to want to get rid of it fast. Because mold spreads fast and can sometimes be inconspicuous, it’s best practice to call in professionals like SERVPRO to diagnose and address the mold issue for you. SERVPRO of San Leandro  is at your service at (510) 352-2480.

Have You Discovered Mold In Your Oakland Home? Call SERVPRO Today!

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

When you spot mold in your home call SERVPRO immediately, they are the experts that care.

How to Find Mold Damage in Your Oakland Home

Many disasters that could affect your Oakland residence are easy to identify, and it is even simpler to see the effects that these disasters can leave behind. With conditions that develop over some time, homeowners might not understand how severe the situation is, and what they need to do to protect their property and those that live in it. An important skill set for any homeowner in the area is identifying mold growth on their property to get the appropriate professionals out to remove this colony as soon as you discover it. 

Learning to spot mold damage in your Oakland home comes with the understanding of how these colonies begin and spread throughout the property. While many residents might attribute mold growth to uncleanliness or some contaminant, the truth is that mold spores occur naturally in almost every environment that we encounter. When presented with an area of your home that has become affected by moisture and dampness, this persistent problem can allow mold spores the conditions they require to seat and thrive into colonies. 

Our SERVPRO mold remediation technicians have the training and experience to diagnose mold growth in your home and help you to remove this threat. Before we know about the problem in your house, you have to know about that problem. Identifying mold growth is not as troublesome as you might think, and it only involves being more diligent with surveying areas of your property and recognizing changes in the conditions of these areas. 

Often when our SERVPRO team gets dispatched to area properties for mold growth concerns, the situation has already gotten out of control. Homeowners can be mindful of damp or moist areas of their property that could present the appropriate conditions to allow mold spores to seat on organic materials throughout this affected area. Also, you can look at drywall and other surfaces for a condition known as spotting, where spots of mold can get seen on a surface, which indicates early stages of colonization. 

Mold growth is nothing you should contend with on your own. Give our SERVPRO of San Leandro applied microbial remediation technicians a call today at (510) 352-2480. 

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Experienced Professionals for Complete Restoration

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

The Process of Mold Damage Restoration in a Home or Business

Mold damage can be a major nuisance in any business or home set-up. It discolors drywall, leaves black spots on the siding, blackens shower grout lines and grows on damp wood on the property. The microscopic spores it releases are scientifically known to lead to property damage and also leave a smelly odor. The trick is to embrace mitigation and deodorization program for the mold in home and business setups before it becomes harmful.

Locate the Mold

Removing some of the mold one can see does not act as remediation process. Fungus, mildew, and mold in home must be removed completely to avert damage. Missing out on any bit during mold removal means what’s left will grow and spread, leading to home or commercial mold damage. It is advisable to employ the services of a mold removal company to ensure a thorough test and mitigation program are professionally applied to keep off mold damage for the longest time. The companies look for mold damage in all rooms, paying attention to areas with smelly odor and those that appear dump. Many property owners do not realize that commercial mold damage can also be found under floor coverings, in walls, air conditioning ducts, among other sensitive areas, and this will need deodorization after the mold removal process.

Assessment and Calculation of Mold Damage called a "SCOPE."

Mold remediation goes beyond locating the areas affected by commercial mold damage. Most people fail to understand that mildew, fungus, and mold can be invisible intruders, meaning that one must be inquisitive before applying the remediation process. Professionals know that mold is mostly caused by water and too much moisture. Experience allows them to locate the source of this moisture. What’s more, it may not grow in just one area, so a thorough investigation on the amount of contaminated space must be considered for thorough mitigation. Calculating the extent of mold in a home impacts the mold removal, cleanup and deodorization approach. The aim of commercial mold damage mitigation is to avoid exposing workers and the building occupants to harm. Professionals apply high levels of mold, mildew and fungus remediation based on the square footage of the damage. The EPA states that people should be concerned when more than ten square feet of structural surface is affected.

Preparation of the Damaged Area

Most companies use fungicide for deodorization and the cleanup of fungus, mildew, and mold. Sheets of heavy plastic are used, and tapes to seal the work area to ensure mold spores are not spread to other areas. Professionals carry all necessary mold alleviation tools for the operation. Also, to further prevent the spreading of mold spores, negative pressure is applied in areas of commercial mold damage. Mold removal companies use protective gear before undertaking remediation.

Cleanup and Removal of Moldy Materials

Materials such as carpeting and drywall are sprayed lightly with water to reduce the smelly odor and prevent mold spores from being spread. Using a vacuum with a filter keeps mold from being dispersed. The moldy materials are then sealed in trash bags before being disposed of. For non-porous materials that can be cleaned adequately such as bathtubs and tiles to remove mold, mildew, and fungus, fungicide is applied using a rag (towel). However it should be noted that much of the mold growing on tile in wet areas does not produce airborne spores.

Because powdery mold tends to disperse high amounts of mold spores only a professional should provide cleanup services such as sanding the wood and other surfaces for complete mold removal.

Moldy debris is HEPA vacuumed to avoid further spread of mold damage. Afterward, the HEPA vacuum should be thoroughly cleaned with fungicide and water. The solution is then allowed to penetrate the surfaces and dry. Also, the floor must be thoroughly cleaned with a chlorinated cleaner if the mold mitigation process is to be successful. Once the mold in home has been eliminated, the next step is to seal wood surfaces with an oil-based primer. After cleaning the wall surfaces, mold mitigation and deodorization teams repaint using latex paint that contains mildew-cide to ensure mold, mildew, and fungus will not resurface in the future, and the deodorization eliminates smelly odor. However, if moisture gets to the area, mold in home will also return. Call SERVPRO of San Leandro at 510-352-2480.


10/1/2018 (Permalink)

The fungus grows any time it has enough moisture and a food source, which is a real headache for homeowners who want to avoid mold damage.

Mold is a tenacious organism. The fungus grows any time it has enough moisture and a food source, which is a real headache for homeowners who want to avoid mold damage. There are many places within the home where spores can settle and grow whole new colonies, such as the basement or the bathroom. The fungus often appears on walls or ceilings, and one of its favorite meals in the house is drywall. SERVPRO understands that San Leandro homeowners are on the lookout for ways to reduce fungal growth in their homes, which is why some of our customers ask us about the use of mold resistant drywall or sheetrock.

Anyone looking to reduce mold damage in San Leandro is eager to take advantage of products that lessen fungal growth. Of course, we are not suggesting you remove your existing drywall and replace it with mold resistant drywall – that would be very costly! However, you might be wondering if mold resistant drywall is a sensible option in situations where drywall needs replacing.

How can sheetrock be made with less risk of mold growth? The answer is in the construction and the materials. Traditional plasterboard consists of a layer of gypsum, sandwiched between a facing and a backing sheet. The facing and backing are usually comprised of paper – and paper is a great example of an organic material that is food for mold.

Fungus resistant sheetrock is a nonorganic material that is less attractive to spores. How is it made to resist fungus? The answer is usually one of two things: By doing away with layers in favor of a homogeneous layer of gypsum, or by replacing the paper layers with an inorganic material such as fiberglass.

No manufacturer can guarantee their product is mold free, and fungus can still grow on walls made out of the new sort of sheetrock. Also, the newer type of plasterboard typically costs around 10% more than its counterparts. However, removing the paper layer does reduce the opportunities for mold growth, and as such, it is worth considering.

SERVPRO is on hand to help with mold cleanup. Our IICRC-certified teams create a sealed area for remediation and use tools techniques such as scrubbing and HEPA vacuuming to remove visible mold. For help with fungal remediation in San Leandro, Mulford Gardens and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 for assistance today.

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Mold issue? Need Tips?

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

It is worth noting that the best advice about mold is to prevent it from growing in the first place. Fix plumbing leaks and other water problems as soon as possible before mold has a chance to develop. Control indoor humidity by opening windows and operating fans after showering. Keep indoor humidity below 60%.

Many people believe that bleach is a cure all when it comes to mold cleanup. It’s not. When you see mold on a hard surface such as ceramic tile usedetergentand water and a scrub brush or sponge to remove it. Note: do not use bleach. When the cleanup is done, dry the area completely. Avoid exposing yourself or others to mold during the cleaning process. Wear rubber gloves and a disposable paper filter mask (available at hardware stores.) An N-95 rated mask is recommended because it filters out fine dust and mold spores.

Please note that mold may cause staining and cosmetic damage. It might not be possible to clean an item so that its original appearance is restored. This is especially true concerning soft goods. That’s why, absorbent or porous materials, such as ceiling tiles and carpet, may have to be thrown away if they become moldy. Mold can grow on or fill in the empty spaces and crevices of porous materials, so the mold may be difficult or impossible to remove completely. Any traces of mold will grow again if moisture/humidity is present.

It is tempting to paint or caulk over top of moldy surfaces. Don’t! Always clean up the mold and dry the surfaces before painting. Paint applied over moldy surfaces will almost always peel.

Need more ideas about self-do it mold cleaning… the EPA website provides plenty of helpful advice concerning mold cleanup. The site also informs its’ readers that experts should be consulted when visible mold has affected 10 square feet or more of interior surface.

If you’re unsure about how to clean an item, or if the contaminated item is expensive or of sentimental value, contact SERVPRO of San Leandro. We are specialists in mold cleanup and we work with furniture repair, restoration, painting, art conservation experts. We also perform HVAC cleaning, carpet cleaning, and odor control and other specialty cleaning work. Should you need our services, or wish to talk about mold, call us today at510-352-2480... SERVPRO of San Leandro is at your service.

We Provide Experienced Mold Damage Remediation in Oakland

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Works Hard to Establish NO MOLD Zones in Oakland Area Residences

Oakland Area Homeowners Count on SERVPRO for Safe and Successful Mold Cleanup

When extensive mold growth is present in your Oakland residence, it is time to call professionals with experience. Mold can cause health effects, which is why contacting us to handle mold damage removal is a wise choice. Our crew has access to industrial equipment and tools to properly and safely remove mold from the affected areas of your home.

Our SERVPRO mold damage team in Oakland is well trained and works quickly and efficiently to contain and remove mold. Plus, they take precautions to ensure they do not spread mold spores to any other areas inside the structure during the cleanup process. Containing the area also helps protect the homeowners if they remain in the house. Our AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians are IICRC-certified and can secure the doors and vents with plastic sheeting and tape. The crew may also set-up “clean rooms“ and decontamination areas to clean and sanitize items and equipment.
After the containment phase, the team may use air scrubbers to purify the air and to get rid of musty mold odors. Plus, these machines can remove airborne mold spores from the area while the crew is working. Our team can also utilize professional grade disinfectants to clean non-porous surfaces. Also, the crew may strategically place dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of moisture from the structure. We also use antifungal sprays to help prevent mold from growing back.
Once the team removes mold from the structure, they begin to dry the structure as well as the contents in the area to prevent mold re-growth. Our technicians may set-up air movers to bring in warm, dry air and to flush out moisture. We can also use fans to force damp air out of the atmosphere and to expedite the drying process.
You can rely on SERVPRO of San Leandro to handle mold damage restoration in your home. We are highly regarded in the field of mold restoration and are here to help. Our skilled and trained team works fast to restore your home when possible. Contact us at (510) 352-2480 if you mold is present in your home.

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Mold Symptoms?!

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

When exposed to mold in either a residential or commercial building there are a few key symptoms to look out for.

The main signs and symptoms are the following:

a) Irritation - eyes, throat, nose

b) Congestion - nose, lungs

c) Asthma Attack(s)

d) Dry Skin

e) Sternutation aka Sneezing

If you feel or notice these symptoms please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of San Leandro.

(510) 352-2480

We will come in a jiff to remediate!

Why Mold Damage In Your Oakland Home Should Cause Some Concern

4/19/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Eliminating Excess Moisture is Key to Mold Remediation in Oakland Properties

SERVPRO Says Mold Remediation and Cleanup Makes Oakland Properties Safer

Many people grew up in homes (or at least experienced other places) where mold was growing. Typically this occurred in damp, dark basements where few people ever ventured. The problem was not one that the occupants of the house worried much about, mainly because people understood less about the potential health effects associated with mold exposure. These days, if you encounter mold in your Oakland home, it is something that should be a cause for some concern.
The reason that so many people are familiar with mold growth and its associated smells is the ease with which it grows in houses. In fact, all that spores need to seat and thrive are moisture, warmer temperatures, and some organic material for a food source. Oakland homeowners that encounter mold damage should proceed with caution and not attempt to remove these colonies on their own. This job is more suitable for the experienced IICRC certified mold remediation specialists we employ at SERVPRO.
Once the assessment of the full scope of the damage has gotten completed, our technicians have the scoping completed to select the proper equipment for the remediation. We work to isolate the affected areas using air scrubbers and negative air chambers. This process helps to prevent the spread of active mold spores to new areas while we work to remove the colonies and remediate the damages that have occurred.
While sanding and specific chemical solutions have proven useful for removing the entire hyphae from porous structural components like wood framing, this is not always a success. In situations where the damage is too severe, these structural elements or construction materials might require removal and replacement through controlled demolition efforts. Our SERVPRO professionals can help to prepare your home for this reconstruction by removing the severely damaged areas solely.
It might seem like all of this could be a little extreme for some mold growing in your house, but the more that gets understood about the health effects linked to exposure, the more that these efforts seem appropriate for keeping you and your family safe. Trust our remediation specialists at SERVPRO of San Leandro to help you restore the damage and get back to the way things ought to be. "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime you need us at (510) 352-2480. 

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Mold Damage Cleanup for Your Oakland Home

3/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can present in plain sight or it can be hidden. So whether you see or smell the presence of mold in your home, it is time to call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Completes a Thorough Inspection Before Starting the Remediation Process

When you have some hidden moisture in your Oakland bathroom, you can also have some hidden mold growth. A dark, moist, environment is perfect for mold to begin growing. It does not take long to start, and it spreads quickly, so before you know it, you could have a significant mold problem in your home.
Finding mold and mold damage in your Oakland home can be overwhelming. However, it is important not to hesitate in getting the problem handled, so it does not continue to spread. Our technicians at SERVPRO are specially trained to handle mold and mildew and can do so without causing the growth to spread further.
We begin an inspection for mold as soon as possible after arriving at your home and gathering any necessary information from you. We want to know if you have had any mold damage in the past or any known leaks in your bathroom which could be causing the mold. We use infrared cameras and moisture meters to find any hidden moisture or mold. We look for particular signs that mold leaves behind and locate and spot the mold.
Mold remediation beings with SERVPRO techs building a containment barrier to separate the affected area from the clean areas of your home, so the growth does not spread. All our work is done within the containment, which is also put under negative air pressure to ensure the spores of mold are not released outside of the work area. Our negative air filtration units include two pre-filters and a HEPA filter. We can then begin removing the mold growth. If there is substantial damage to porous materials such as drywall, it may need to be removed and replaced.
Other surfaces can be cleaned by damp wiping and HEPA vacuuming. We clean in the direction of the negative air machines. After completing a round of cleaning, we allow time for mold spores and dust to settle before the next round of cleaning. The structure is then dried to stop any further mold growth. Dehumidifiers with a low air flow can be used during the containment and removal procedures.
SERVPRO of San Leandro ensures that we do a thorough inspection and cleaning of your home in Alameda, Hayward, or San Leandro when mold is present. Call us right away at (510) 352-2480 if you suspect you have a mold infestation.

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Remediating Mold Damage In San Leandro

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold spores are common to every San Leandro home.

Mold Remediation And Restoration

Mold spores are common to every San Leandro home, almost as common as house dust and just as harmless. When they come in contact with enough moisture though, they quickly expand and begin to grow into a problem that costs homeowners millions of dollars each year.

To stop, clean, and remove San Leandro mold damage, SERVPRO restoration offices follow five principles laid out by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Their S520 Standard and Reference Guide lays out the procedures needed to remediate and restore homes and commercial facilities both large and small.

One: Health and Safety Provisions
Mold can cause health problems in some people. We immediately take steps to protect residents and our technicians from loose spores in the air. We also take precautions to reduce the risk of further contamination from mold disturbed by remediation efforts and either carried into uncontaminated areas of the home or released into the air.

Two: Documentation of Conditions and Processes Used
SERVPRO specialists record the conditions of the home before we begin work, what we accomplish, and again upon completion. The numbers we record include the extent of the mold growth and other key facts like the level of moisture saturation. We do this to ensure the mold spore counts have returned to normal, safe levels.

Three: Contain the Threat at its Source
Every action we take is not just to clean and remove mold from each home, but also to prevent accidentally spreading it. As an example, we place negative air machines at points where we need to break up and remove drywall panels contaminated by mold. These devices reduce the amount of loose mold in the air, making removal both quicker and more efficient.

Four: Remove the Mold and Contaminated Property
To remove mold from surfaces, we use dry or damp cloths and sponges to wipe off mold from otherwise clean surfaces. For thicker layers, we use vacuums with specially designed HEPA filters that capture even a single spore. In some cases, it is both easier and more cost-efficient to remove both the mold and the item it contaminated rather than attempt to clean them.

Five: Reduce Any Moisture Problem
Even after a thorough cleaning, more mold spores can enter a home. We dry any visible sources of water and reduce the moisture content of the air and surrounding property to prevent mold growth from reoccurring. If we do not, spores can expand and grow again in at little as 72 hours.

If you suspect or are dealing with a mold infestation in your home, contact SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 today. We are here to help you return to a clean, mold-free home.

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A Small Water Leak Can Cause Mold Damage to Your San Leandro Home

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Even a small leak can cause extensive damage to your home by providing moisture for mold to grow.

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage and Prevents Future Damage

You might not even think about it, but a small leak that you leave unfixed in a water pipe of your San Leandro home can cause far more issues than a slightly elevated utility bill every month. Many homeowners have unfortunately discovered that the warmer temperatures mixing with the moisture created by the unrepaired leak have allowed for the creation of mold colonies in the area. With mold potentially causing health effects to both you and your family, this is a situation that needs to get resolved quickly.

Discovering mold damage in your San Leandro home might not seem all that dire, but it is something that could only get worse the longer that you allow it to exist. Furthermore, most methods that you might have for removing the fungus on your own are ultimately ineffective in eradicating the hyphae, which allows the problem to persist and worsen over time. It is vital that you call remediation specialists like ours at SERVPRO to remove these colonies and prevent the problem from getting worse, or persisting at all.

Our first step in the remediation process is to isolate the affected area. Your air circulation devices must be shut down for the duration of our work to accomplish this. SERVPRO does this to prevent the spread of spores to new areas of your home, and it also aids in containing the present spores to neutralize them using our filtration systems and negative air chambers.

Depending on the surface or material that requires cleaning and disinfection, various scrubbing tools fitted with HEPA filters get used. These tools sufficiently penetrate the surface to the farthest reaches of the deep-seated fungal organism to remove it entirely. A thorough inspection of the affected area and surrounding surfaces indicates whether further cleaning is necessary.

Dehumidification and repair of the leak that spurned this problem in the first place are both critical steps in completing remediation of mold damage in your home. The process prevents further moisture from getting into the air and reacting with mold spores to create new colonies.

If you have discovered mold growing in your home, our IICRC certified specialists at SERVPRO of San Leandro are only a phone call away. You can reach us 24/7 at (510) 352-2480.

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Signs That You Need Professional Mold Damage Experts to Check in on Your San Leandro Home

12/31/2017 (Permalink)

If you see or smell mold, contact SERVPRO for remediation services right away. Waiting will let the mold proliferate quickly throughout your home.

Our Certified Technicians Remediate the Current Mold Infestation and Then Look for Ways to Prevent a Recurrence

Mold damage is any homeowner's worst nightmare. Mold can cause health effects as well. It is crucial to call in the experts to get rid of the mold as soon as you spot it in your home.

SERVPRO has a team of experts that can help you restore mold damage to your San Leandro home in no time. We can serve you the best if you call us in as soon as you see any signs of mold in your home. Not all mold is apparently visible. You need to inspect your home on a regular basis to spot any early signs of mold damage. Here are some of the things you should be asking yourself during your routine home inspections.

Do you smell a musty odor?
Even when the mold is not visible, a distinct musty odor is a strong indication of its presence. Places such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces are most vulnerable to develop such odors. Make sure that during your next home inspection, you look for any such smell.

Do you see moldy growth?
This one is a no-brainer. If you see any mold in your home, call in the experts here at SERVPRO immediately. Even if you feel that the colonies are small and you can remove them by yourself, don't. There is a good chance that while trying to clean the mold on your own, you can help it spread to uncontaminated areas in no time. Mold clean-up is a job for the professionals and unless you are one, do not even try removing it.

Is there any water damage in your home?
Water damage such as leaky or busted pipes creates a damp environment that is ideal for the mold to thrive. If you see any areas of your home that have excessive moisture, make sure to check for the signs of mold. Even if you do not see mold, call in the SERVPRO technicians to fix leaks and get the humidity under control.

Call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 today to schedule a free consultation. Our trained and highly skilled technicians can take care of your mold problem in no time.

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Moldy Baseboards

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold growing on baseboard.

The photo depicts how mold will grow on a baseboard when there is high indoor humidity, or a moisture leak into a room from a wall (or both conditions.)

This mold was found in a closet. The baseboard was damp from rainwater that penetrated a crack in a stucco wall. The air inside the closet was still and the closet was dark when the door was closed. Food source for mold (wood); constant dampness, darkness and still air are the perfect breeding ground for mold colonies.

The baseboard was on an outside facing wall which was not only damp, the wall was cooler than the other walls and that too was favorable for mold amplification (growth). Cooler surfaces are more readily able to condense water from the air than warm surfaces.

If you are inspecting a property for potential mold, always look in a closet.

Mold has become a nasty word.

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

A closeup look at a mold colony.

At SERVPRO of San Leandro we have received late night calls about mold on our 24 hour emergency telephone line.

The phone line has been set up for calls about water and fire events that require immediate response. Mold is not an emergency. It takes weeks or months for mold to develop and it does not justify a late night call. However, we discuss subject to highlight how having mold in a home is an emotional experience for many persons.

Mold is also blamed for being the source of all sorts of illnesses, even things that are caused by bacteria and viruses. Yes there are many urban myths and unwarranted fears about mold. It is a modern day villain.

This doesn't mean you should ignore mold in your home or workplace. Mold in an indoor environment is always an unwanted guest. Call SERVPRO of San Leandro at 510-352-2480 for balanced advice and help concerning mold. 

Don't Ignore Mold

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Have Mold? Have it treated.

SERVPRO Inspects and Remedies Oakland Mold Infestations

There are companies that can remedymold damage in your East Bay home if and when you get infested. Molds are part of nature and exist in home environments. Mold spores can circulate through your HVAC duct work, enter your home on your clothes or the fur of your dog. 

Mold, when it is present impacts people is various ways, especially allergic individuals to allergens, pollens and the mycotoxins which are produced by mold colonies. Others only feel uncomfortable and tired a good portion of the time. Mold proliferation can occur if the initial problem isn't tackled quickly. 

The difficulty of most people is that they cannot see where these fungi are growing. You can sense it by the smell under many conditions. It has an earthy, musty smell and occasionally people only think it is a wet smell. That is part of the problem as a water leak is often the source of moisture that allows for mold growth. Water can come in through the basement or crawlspace walls or from a leaking pipe just about anywhere in the home. 

These fungi can become attached to any surface, often behind walls, above ceilings and within subfloors. They can become entangled in the pile of your carpet and in any room such as the kitchen and bathroom where moisture is present. Health effects can result from the infiltration of mold and mold spores as they travel from one room to another in the air conditioner or heating system. If you smell this odor, the best thing to do is to call a mold remediation firm like SERVPRO, to inspect for mold infestations, and if found, to recommend professional mold remediation. Mold, as any legitimate company will verify, cannot be totally removed and killed from your Alameda property. Returning your interior to acceptable levels for health and safety, while cleaning and restoring any damaged items or building materials, are the goals. Of course, the sources of moisture must be discovered and fixed to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence. 

SERVPRO has the specialized equipment that can locate where mold is colonizing. The trained, insured technicians from SERVPRO have the experience to know where to look and how to remediate the mold growths. The process for cleaning this mold consists of containment barriers (an example is poly sheeting) and negative pressure systems that keep the contaminated areas separated from unaffected areas of the house until the cleaning and sanitizing is complete. The cleaning is conducted by following the standards set forth by the IICRC. SERVPRO has specially developed cleaning agents for restoring mold damaged items from staining and advanced growth. 

While this cleaning is going on, dehumidifiers are set up to help remove excess moisture (target RH in the house is 45%)  that, if the levels are left too high, can continue to allow this mold growth. Air scrubbers are employed to purge the air of most mold spores and foggers help to sanitize and deodorize the affected areas. 

When you have that sense that an earthy, musty odor is coming from the basement, the attic or even from inside of the wall, call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 to get us on the job to remedy mold damage to your East Bay home or property.

Mold Job in Hayward

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO will clean up and eradicate that mold!

Mold Damage: A Brief Overview 

As many water damage specialists know, Hayward mold damage can go unnoticed for quite some time. This makes the presence of mold on your property a serious issue. Mold can be black or green and fuzzy. While it can be found in natural environments, mold can also proliferate indoors. This is especially the case if the homeowner's environment is moist and warm. Mold spores are toxic and cause damage to whatever surface or object they grow on. Specifically, the mold decomposes the carpeting, walls, or furniture that it grows on. As they breed and spread, the mold spores will break down the surfaces on which they live. This creates unstable, unsafe surfaces. Learn more about mold damage by reviewing the following outline:

How Mold Damage Happens
Hayward mold damage can manifest for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are preventable while others are not. One cause of mold damage is a burst or leaky pipe under your floorboards or behind your walls. Additionally, a leaky roof can cause mold development in your walls, ceiling, or attic. A fire in your office or home can also cause mold spores to accumulate and spread.

Mold And Your Health 
Because mold spores are often airborne, they can float from one region of your property to another. This enables them to create new colonies. Once this happens, the amount of damage they cause to your property can increase exponentially. And unfortunately, mold spores can be inhaled by your coworkers, family, friends, and pets. When Hayward mold damage is not eradicated immediately, it can have a negative impact on everyone's health. Specifically, the mold spores can give rise to intestinal, respiratory, and neurological damage.

How Mold Decomposes Your Property 
Once mold begins to decompose your residential or commercial property, it can start staining your possessions. Like all other organisms, mold excretes waste. These excretions result in stains, and some of the stains cannot be removed. Innumerable family heirlooms and antiques are lost due to mold infestations that were not cleaned in a timely fashion.

When you clean your office or home following a fire, simply removing soot and smoke from the floors and furniture is not enough. To clean your property thoroughly and prevent the proliferation of mold damage, you need a team of professionals working on your behalf. Once you start looking for a team of remediation experts, consider SERVPRO. Our company's technicians possess extensive experience in the remediation industry, and we work with impeccable precision and determination to restore your commercial or residential property to its original condition. Contact us today and let's schedule your initial consultation.

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"Black Toxic Mold" ?

6/3/2017 (Permalink)

Most mold is black in coloration, some black mold may be toxic.

This photo is an example of a serious mold infestation. The warm humid conditions near the hot water heater made for the perfect growing conditions for mold. A pin-hole leak in a copper water supply pipe provided just enough water to keep the gypsum board wall panels wet and allow the black mold to grow.

By the way, black is the most common color of mold. But, not all mold id black and not all black is toxic. However, in this case, testing confirmed that this was an example of Stachybotrys the well known "toxic" mold. Stachy as it is called in the mold remediation business can be harmful to humans because it produces very small spores that are able to get past the filtration abilities of the average person's respiratory system. 

Our certified mold technicians were able to place the water heater room under negative air containment  (to not spread the mold) while they removed the damaged wallboard and removed the microbial contamination, fixed the plumbing leak and prepared the room for new wall coverings. If you have a property with mold problems please talk to us. We're here to help with sensible solutions.

Mold... don't be scammed.

5/26/2017 (Permalink)

This mold project included bacterial contamination and Asbestos removal.

The services of mold remediation range from a simple wipe-down of slime mold on a few bathroom tiles, to full-blown containment and demolition of badly infested and damaged structural materials. Don't let scam artists fool you.

The level of service range from self do it, to requiring professional assistance, and that is determined by certain standards, some set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other protocol and recommendations are suggested by licensed Industrial Hygienists and even by mold contractors.

This is where it gets tricky. Some mold remediation contractors can take advantage of persons who are not familiar with mold to convince them that a whole lot of services are needed. Not all of these services are required. The EPA can provide the best information about mold.

Search “EPA mold” and a wealth of information will show up from their official website. This way, the consumer can sift through the mountain of “information” and get down to the basics. The EPA removes the fear and confusion over this topic. For example, the EPA says that the consumer should be able to clean away several square feet of mold without having to hire a professional. Of course they suggest safe practices and present thoughtful ideas about this suggestion.

The EPA also makes it perfectly clear when professional help is really required. If you have a mold problem that requires professional help, please consider SERVPRO of San Leandro at 510-352-2480.

Mold... a four letter word!

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Microbial can be pretty, but they can be a nucience too.


Mold is a four-letter word… most people have a negative feeling as soon as they hear the word. Ironically mold is an important part of life. It is part of the fungi kingdom and it interacts with plants and the eco system in valuable ways. Scientists inform us that life, as we know it, would not be possible without mold. Bakers and brewers and cheese makers rely on mold and yeasts to make their products. There are hundreds of thousands of molds and only a few of them create negative affects on humans.

Why does mold have a bad reputation?

The answer is because there are molds that are able to produce tiny spores that become airborne and these spores can pass through our respiratory system and into the Alveoli sacks in our lungs and cause toxins to enter our blood stream. Infants, seniors and anyone with a compromised immune system are susceptible. These mold are called, “toxic black mold.”


Here is the problem…most molds are black in color, some are white, yellow and pink, but black is the most common color. People hear about “black toxic mold” and then equate the black mold on their wall as being this potentially harmful variety. To add to the problem, some contractors take advantage of persons who may not be fully informed and charge outrageous fees to cleanup any mold, harmful or not.

One of the best sources to learn about mold is to visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website using mold as a search phrase. You will get easy to understand information about mold, and even tips on how to remove it. Another thing to do is to give us a call, SERVPRO of San Leandro at 510-352-2480.