Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Cleanup for an Oakland Kitchen

Often homeowners in the Oakland area become distraught and worried after a significant fire has damaged their homes. SERVPRO FST fire and smoke damage IICRC cer... READ MORE

Solving odor problems at a fire scene.

Insurance companies and restoration companies rate fire damage as heavy, medium and light. The determining factors include the amount of structural damage and t... READ MORE

Removing the Debris From a Fire Site

When most Fire Departments fight fire, the fire fighters use water to extinguish the flames and that not only puts out the fire, it wets structural materials an... READ MORE

Removing "oily soot" residue

Years of cigarette smoke can etch into plastic, causing it to be impossible to remove it completely. Soots can tarnish metal beyond restoration in a matter of d... READ MORE

Unattended frying pan...

Kitchen fires can happen quickly. Leaving a frying pan unattended for two minutes is all it takes. That's all it took at this home, hot grease splatters and fla... READ MORE

Stove top grease fire

A burning pan of cooking grease can splatter oil and grease onto adjacent counters cabinets and walls. The SERVPRO cleaning technicians are able to clean up thi... READ MORE

One of two ultrasonic chambers at our shops

This is a historical look back at constructing our ultrasonic cleaning room at our shop in Hayward near the end of the San Mateo Bridge. For fire and smoke clea... READ MORE