Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Alameda Storm Damaged Home

When straight-line winds blow through Alameda, the damage to a roof can translate into significant interior losses. The accompanying rainwater drenched the atti... READ MORE

Rain Storm Damage – San Leandro Home

Storm damage to this San Leandro home occurred during a severe storm that tore a hole in the flat roof allowing gallons of water to enter the interior of the ho... READ MORE

Rain caused flooding in Oakland

Storm damage left this Oakland office damaged by a swift moving stream of rain water, leaving substantial standing water in its wake. SERVPRO franchises maintai... READ MORE

Flooded School Building

Heavy rains caused a creek to overflow and spill groundwater into a school building. The water was vacuum extracted and the hard surface floor was sanitized. Th... READ MORE

Storm Caused Flooding

Flood damage to this Oakland office building left standing water in the hallway. The before photo shows the standing water appearing like a mirror on the floor.... READ MORE

Black Water Intrusion

Black water, muddy water in a house, no big deal? Actually it is a big deal. When muddy water flows into a structure it is often because creeks, and other groun... READ MORE

Flooded School

It doesn't take long for water flooding to create a secondary problem...mold. Note the mold colonies developing on the walls caused by the elevated humidity fro... READ MORE