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How To Detect Mold Issues

8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Build Up on Ceiling When mold starts to invade your home, dealing with mold removal quickly and safely should be a priority.

How To Detect Mold Issues

Mold thrives in moist, dark, and nutrient-rich environments. They may enter your house by any of your vents, doors, HVAC ducts, or windows. Molds may develop and spread in as little as 48 hours, which is much worse. Molds aren't simply dangerous to your house and possessions; they may also put your health at risk. But how can homeowners detect molds?

Musty Smell

In particular, if the musty odor originates from your HVAC system, this can signify the presence of mold. Mold thrives in moist and humid conditions, making your HVAC system an ideal breeding ground for spores.

Presence of colored blotches on Ceilings or walls.

There is a greater likelihood that water will drop from a roof hole or a fracture in your wall. Mold might begin forming on the leak or rupture if it isn't addressed. So this can lead to gray, white, or black blotches on ceilings or walls.

There are visible mold spores.

The most evident indicators of mold development can be seen with the naked eye, such as mold spores in your house's humid regions. Molds may be challenging to get rid of, even with soap and a sponge, since molds are such tenacious creatures.

Cold or flu symptoms 

Mold may cause allergies and other respiratory issues such as persistent cold or flu. So, if you have these symptoms, watch out for mold presence.

If your home or business in San Leandro, CA has been flooded, you should immediately contact a water damage restoration company. SERVPRO of San Leandro Water damage restoration company has the expertise to deal with floods and water damage quickly, reducing mold development and its consequences. Call us at (510) 352-2480.

Locations in your home may be at risk for water damage.

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Home living room Our top-notch people use the most advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture and extract standing water.

Locations in your home may be at risk for water damage. 

There is no joking around when it comes to San Leandro property damage. Even though homeowners may not worry about this, many occur when you least expect them. Water damage is one of the issues that keep popping up. These incidents may make you feel that there is no way out, but knowing the locations at home that may be at risk of water damage helps in the long run! Just a few instances include the following:

The Bathroom

Humidity crises are also prevalent in bathrooms. Mold and other germs may thrive in stagnant water if faucets aren't checked regularly. When bathrooms aren't adequately ventilated after a bath or shower, mold may form on the walls.

The Kitchen

Several elements in the kitchen make it a high-risk location for water damage. If your kitchen cabinetry and flooring may warp if leaking pipes are left ignored, resulting in extensive damage and pricey cleaning.

The Roof

The roof is among the first lines of protection against water damage caused by weather. On the other hand, roofs are weakened by each blow and must be maintained to keep the inside dry. So, it is highly suggested that you get regular checks.

The Basement

Flooding is a possibility in basements since they are below ground level. Check the foundation and seals on walls and ceilings to verify that your basement isn't vulnerable to water damage.

Disasters may still happen in your San Leandro home even if you know where these rooms are located. If this happens, you'll want to call in the experts at SERVPRO of San Leandro (510) 352-2480 to handle the water damage cleaning effectively.


5/25/2022 (Permalink)

Water Flooding When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial.


The use of water is beneficial to our health, but it is not helpful to your home. If your home is flooded with water, you should take the following steps to protect your home from suffering additional damage:

  • Disconnect the House from the Electric System.
  • Find out where the water is coming from that is leaking.
  • Take Away the Soggy Things
  • Clearwater from the area that was damaged
  • Open Windows
  • Dial the number of the water damage restoration company.
  • Take  Pictures of the Area That Was Affected

Take Actions Immediately

After discovering that the water is flooding, you must act immediately. Maintain your composure and use extreme caution if you work with electronics or circuits during floods. The quicker you take action; the less harm water will do to your house if it gets inside. In addition, leaks and cracks in the foundation should NOT be ignored since they will not only cause damage to your foundation but also provide an ideal environment for mold development.

Also, because mold begins to develop between 24 and 48 hours after it is exposed to moisture, it is in your best interest to have a trained water damage restoration expert investigate any areas that could be at risk for mold growth. Give SERVPRO of San Leandro team a call today at (510) 352-2480.

How To Detect Water Damage

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

Professional Is Fixing a Pipe With more than 50 years of experience you can trust us to develop a water damage restoration plan to help ensure your home is clean, dry, and restored

How To Detect Water Damage

Houses are one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime, and buying one is a substantial financial commitment. However, when protecting your investment, you should be on the lookout for any domestic concerns and fix them before the situation worsens. One of them is water damage. And the best way of dealing with water damage is to detect it at first. So, how do you detect water damage?

Always look at the Floors.

It doesn't matter what type of flooring you have; water damage will show up. And this is why it is essential to look out on the tile and wood floors for cracks, buckling, or warping. 

Look for stains.

These include stains on the floor surrounding a bathroom's bathtub or toilet and on ceilings and walls stained by water. Spotting unusual stains in the wall might suggest that a pipe or drain is leaking behind it. It's also possible that bloated or soft-to-touch patches in the drywall indicate issues.

Observe from the Outside.

Take a look around the outside of your home. Water pools in the yard, gutters that aren't moving water far enough away from home, or leaking rain gutters are all things to watch for while inspecting a property's drainage systems. Your home's foundation might be at risk from any of these conditions.

Keep an eye out for rust and mold.

Check for corrosion on the tank or moist patches on the floor when inspecting the water heater. Smelly tanks might be an indication of an ongoing leak. It's also possible that water seepage might be causing corrosion near pipe connections. Your home's nooks and crannies may be harboring tiny mold spores, which may be seen by looking for visible mold development.

Your Trusted Restoration and Clean Up Service

Contact SERVPRO of San Leandro services immediately for all your property restoration requirements, including water damage, fire damage, and storm damage repair. You can call us at (510) 352-2480.

What You Need to Know About Water Damage

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

Noticeable water stains on the ceiling Our customer-focused professionals will assess the residential water damage to your property. Then help you understand the severity of the damage.

What You Need to Know About Water Damage

Having to deal with water damage is the worst nightmare for every homeowner. And in the event of a leaky pipe or a flooded basement, the whole house activities have to be on pause until your house is dry and secured. Here are three things you need to know about water damage to protect your house and respond correctly in the event of an emergency:

The type of water matters.

The three types of water causing damage at home are rainwater, fresh water, and sewage water. And they all need a different approach to combat them. Bacteria in sewage may make you very unwell and even kill you. Unfortunately, it is frequently simple to discern the difference since it will smell just as you expect. However, experts in water damage restoration will have the necessary tools and equipment to tackle any water-related issues that may arise securely.

Watch out for the presence of mold.

Despite the water being removed from your home, there is still moisture lurking in the shadows that you may not be aware of. And this can lead to mold growth in places such as crawl spaces and under floorboards. Toxic mold may harm a house's structure and have significant effects. A mold prevention expert should inspect your property to ensure that this dangerous substance isn't encroaching on your property.

Check out for attics.

A leaking roof or clogged gutters are the most typical causes of water damage, so your attic is particularly vulnerable. Check your attic often for signs of water damage to ensure that a tiny leak does not escalate into a more significant issue.

Your Trusted Restoration and Clean Up Services.

Immediately call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 if you believe that your house has been flooded or has water damage or mold. And to prevent future losses, urgent action is needed for all sorts of water damage. We will assist you in ensuring your safety and protecting your financial interests.

What Is Water Damage Remediation?

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

Professional Is Fixing a Busted Water Pipe SERVPRO’s professionals specialize in repairing and restoring following residential water damage.

What Is Water Damage Remediation?

By definition, water remediation is the process of remedying or reversing damages caused by water. In other terms, it involves cleaning, sanitizing, restoring, and drying damages that are the direct result of unwanted water in a business or home.

For any case of water damage, it's critical to act in an efficient and quick manner to clean the water and prevent additional damage from accumulating. If the damage is not handled in a rapid fashion, the affected areas will breed mold. For this to grow in a home, there must be an organic material such as insulation, drywall, wood, and moisture. Upon providing these two elements for the spores, mold starts growing in as little as 24 hours.

The first step in the process of remediation includes inspection of the water loss. During this process, a professional team will identify the category and class of the damages, which in turn helps determine the right course of action. Class 1 water damage means that water has damaged some of a room that has yet to absorb significant concentrations, often resulting in low repair costs. Class 2 water damage means that an entire room has been affected, and walls have begun soaking up the water. Class 3 water damage means that flooding has expanded to the ceiling, making it fully saturated. Class 4 water damage indicates issues affecting concrete, hardwood flooring, and stone, with special drying methods having to be implemented.

Excess and outstanding water will be extracted by a team of professionals. Once this is finished, the structure will be dried, and all traces of moisture will be removed. Next, the area will be cleaned and sanitized to ensure no mold spores are present. Finally, the structure will be restored to working conditions.

When you have water damage to your home, call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 for quick response to prevent further damage and begin the water repair and restoration process. 

Water Damage and Home Safety

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded room in a home When you have water damage to your home, SERVPRO® will respond quickly to prevent further damage and begin the water repair and restoration process.

Water Damage and Home Safety

When you suffer from water damage in a home, it's important to note the steps that could have led to its prevention. Plumbing, storm, or flood issues are extremely costly and typically require immediate action to remediate.

Leaking Supply Line

Washing machines tend to be fed by supply lines that face constant pressure. In the event that your water lines are composed of braided stainless steel, you often do not need to be concerned. The problem lies in whether or not the washing machine contains supply lines composed of PVC or rubber. These can easily rupture and wear out, which results in an entire laundry room flooding in the span of a handful of minutes if you fail to shut off the source of water in time. In short, use the right material for all lines.

Air Conditioning Condensation

AC units are designed to produce condensation in which moisture drips from the evaporator coil into a pan and is ejected from a property via a drain line. This system works until damage is taken by the pan or the drain line becomes clogged with dirt or dust. When water cannot escape, it will leak out from your AC straight into the house. All that unwanted water can damage the walls and floor, weakening the insulation.

Blocked Drains

Any drain, regardless of whether it is a kitchen sink, bathtub, or bathroom floor, can clog for a variety of reasons. Grease buildup, dirt, hair, toiletries, and other foreign objects have the potential to obstruct the pipe and prevent proper drainage. When not taken care of on a routine basis, they can easily back up, resulting in water damage and flooding.

SERVPRO’s professionals specialize in repairing and restoring following residential water damage. Contact SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480.

How You Can Prevent Water Damage from Plumbing, Storm, or Flood Issues

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage and Home Safety Water Damage and Home Safety

Water Damage and Home Safety

When you suffer from water damage in a home, it's important to note the steps that could have led to its prevention. Plumbing, storm, or flood issues are extremely costly and typically require immediate action to remediate.

Leaking Supply Line

Washing machines tend to be fed by supply lines that face constant pressure. In the event that your water lines are composed of braided stainless steel, you often do not need to be concerned. The problem lies in whether or not the washing machine contains supply lines composed of PVC or rubber. These can easily rupture and wear out, which results in an entire laundry room flooding in the span of a handful of minutes if you fail to shut off the source of water in time. In short, use the right material for all lines.

Air Conditioning Condensation

AC units are designed to produce condensation in which moisture drips from the evaporator coil into a pan and is ejected from a property via a drain line. This system works until damage is taken by the pan or the drain line becomes clogged with dirt or dust. When water cannot escape, it will leak out from your AC straight into the house. All that unwanted water can damage the walls and floor, weakening the insulation.

Blocked Drains

Any drain, regardless of whether it is a kitchen sink, bathtub, or bathroom floor, can clog for a variety of reasons. Grease buildup, dirt, hair, toiletries, and other foreign objects have the potential to obstruct the pipe and prevent proper drainage. After a storm occurs drains can easily become filled with miscellaneous debris. When not taken care of on a routine basis, they can easily back up, resulting in water damage and flooding. 

Our team at SERVPRO of San Leandro have elite large-loss specialists that are pre-qualified and ready to help you. Give us a call at (510) 352-2480.


3/8/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Prevention Tips For Your Home

Water Damage Prevention Tips For Your Home

Every homeowner considers water damage a nightmare that they hope to avoid. Whether the water is coming from leaky pipes, a neglected roof, or coming in from a flood that started outside, it can ruin floors, walls, furniture, and keepsakes. Some simple precautions can help you avoid expensive contractor repairs. 1 in every 50 homes has made an insurance claim related to water damage or freezing last year. If you would like to learn more about preventing this, keep reading.  

Tip #1 – When buying a new home, check for mold & water lines

The first tip is to make sure that you aren't taking on an old problem with a new house when buying a new home. As you walk the home's exterior, look for waterlines close to the foundation where signs of previous water damage can be seen. This will tell you whether or not there have been previous problems. Additionally, sometimes mold will grow behind baseboards when a wall gets wet time after time. Check here too.  

Tip #2 – Take advantage of extras in your security system

Many modern security systems will not only provide a free "glass break" system that warns you if an intruder breaks a glass to gain entry to your home. They will also include flood sensors that they often place under sinks or next to washing machines. You can also put these flood sensors next to doors where you may have had issues in the past.  

Tip #3 – Monitor your water pressure

One of the first signs that there may be an issue inside your home is a slight drop in your water pressure that remains constant. This can signal a leak in a pipe in the foundation or under your home where it isn't readily visible. If you don't have a way to measure or monitor your water pressure, keep an eye on your water bill for extremely unusual usage; this may also mean the same thing.  

It doesn't always take a natural disaster to cause significant water damage. Your home can be susceptible to water damage through all different types of issues within the home. We hope you use these tips to help prevent water damage and find them helpful.  

SERVPRO of San Leandro offers a 24/7 cleanup that is Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call (510) 352-2480 to have an emergency response crew at your home within hours.

Who Can Get Rid of Water Damage from a Burst Bathroom Pipe?

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

drawing of drainpipe showing clog Clogged pipes occur from a variety of sources. Inspect your drains often to ensure they are free-flowing.

SERVPRO Techs Eliminate Water Damage in San Leandro Homes with Sophisticated Tools

Did you know that freezing isn’t the only cause of burst pipes? When this type of disaster occurs in your San Leandro residence, it can be both sudden and overwhelming. However, there is a team that is ready to assist you.

If a plumbing malfunction requires water removal for your San Leandro home, SERVPRO can begin the cleanup process within hours of your initial contact. Your local SERVPRO is also licensed to render general contracting services (license #937457) to restore your residence after disaster cleanup has finished.

Preventing Burst Pipes in the Sunshine State

Californians might not have to worry as much about frozen climates causing burst pipes, but plumbing clogs and obstructions can cause similarly costly issues.

Common sources of pipe clogs include:

  • Fats, oil, and grease buildup in pipes
  • Non-flushable paper products such as paper towels
  • Sewer line obstructions caused by tree roots and debris

If carpeting outside of the bathroom has been affected by contaminated water, disposal may be necessary to prevent the spread of mold or microbes in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Sanitize Your Bathroom

When a water damage situation involves the sewer system, sanitation is key to keeping your home safe. SERVPRO uses a variety of cleanup modalities paired with EPA-registered biocides to combat microbes and bacteria. These can include:

  • Pumps and sprays
  • Manual application with cleaning cloths and sponges
  • Injection systems

Sanitation is critical to successful drying and to mitigating odors in tandem with deodorization equipment like ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers. After sanitation in a gray or black water situation, structural drying and repairs can begin.

SERVPRO of San Leandro offers a 24/7 cleanup that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (510) 352-2480 to have an emergency response crew at your home within hours.

What Can San Leandro Bathroom Water Damage Repair Salvage?

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

overflowing toilet Water damage to your home is no easy task. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate water damage restoration services.

San Leandro SERVPRO Water Damage Repair Techs Restore Bathroom Fixtures and Contents

Bathroom water damage is quite common and can take many forms that impact structural materials and fixtures. Slow leaks can soften drywall until it crumbles, and inadequate shower ventilation can eventually facilitate microbial growth. Common flooring options like vinyl sheets or ceramic tiles are often impacted by excess moisture.

SERVPRO teams’ 24/7 water damage repair for San Leandro homes is equipped to tackle these symptoms of bathroom water damage and much more. Technicians can clean and dry walls and wall cavities, remediate microbes with EPA-registered biocides, and replace damaged or delaminated bathroom flooring and subflooring.

SERVPRO Structural Drying Considerations for Bathroom Walls

SERVPRO’s structural drying techniques are honed to work for various bathroom surfaces. Still, walls are among the most impacted in a residential water damage scenario.

  • After extracting excess moisture, technicians can position air movers at 45-degree angles. The theory behind this is analogous to playing billiards.
  • Air movers “bank” the air into a wall cavity so that, instead of directly forcing moisture into a surface, the air bounces to other parts of the wall, carrying water with it.
  • This action also allows dehumidification units to collect moisture for removal in a treated sewer more efficiently.
  • For ceiling water damage, airflow needs to circulate from an air mover positioned at a 90-degree angle.
  • In many cases, baseboards do not require full-on removal to drywall cavities. SERVPRO professionals can drill small holes into wooden baseboards for drying with a wall venting system and repair holes afterward

SERVPRO of San Leandro is ready to bring homeowners who call (510) 352-2480 services that demonstrate that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Have You Experienced Water Damage in Your San Leandro Home?

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged ceiling with peeling paint Sometimes a pipe break behind the walls is not immediately evident. And sometimes it is. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the water damage.

Fast Water Removal Always Necessary in San Leandro

Accidents and malfunctions in plumbing or appliances are the most common causes of water damage in San Leandro, which means a water crisis can strike inside your home at any time, without any connection to external forces such as severe weather or other natural or human-made disasters. Regardless of the source of the water damaging your home, our team of licensed and certified water mitigation technicians is ready to take action immediately.

Water removal is the first task we undertake in your San Leandro home after a pipe breaks or the dishwasher overflows. Focusing on ridding the property of visible standing water is just part of the job. Our IICRC-trained employees also use sensitive moisture metering equipment and thermal scanners to detect hidden caches of water collected in cavities in the building structure.

Water Removal Tools

Once the extent and location of the extractable water are mapped out by SERVPRO, we use pumps and wanded water extractors to remove it. If water migrated into recesses, we use a range of strategies to release it for collection and disposal. Options include flood cuts that remove a portion of a wall near the floor or holds drilled above a baseboard or in joints in masonry. The goal is to gain access to the water for extraction and then permit adequate structural drying.

The speed with which we respond is crucial to halt the progressive harm water does, especially to porous building materials such as drywall, flooring, and ceiling tiles, and to prevent secondary damage such as mold growth. Professional water removal crews from SERVPRO can begin pumping and extracting water immediately after an assessment by our crew lead. Our service vehicles contain the equipment needed for both water removal and drying, preventing any delays in getting the project underway.

Water removal is not complete until moisture moves from saturated structural components and fixtures into airborne vapor we capture and discard. SERVPRO crews determine drying goals based on the moisture measurement made earlier. We set up a perimeter of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to pull moisture out of wet materials.   

SERVPRO of San Leandro works on all phases of water removal and structural drying until moisture levels are normal within the affected areas of your home. Call us at (510) 352-2480 to set up an assessment. Our line answers 24/7 every day of the year.

Can SERVPRO Protect the Diversity of San Leandro from Water Damage?

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Our technicians are prepared with the training and state of the art equipment your property needs after a water incident.

With Historic Structures and Areas of Cultural Significance, Water Damage Can be Devastating to the Region. 

San Leandro can experience a broad spectrum of weather events and potential emergencies leading to water damages. As a trusted restoration team for Alameda County and the Bay Area, thousands depend on the fast and reliable response of our SERVPRO team. Protecting the city's cultural diversity and heritage as it continues to grow is a strong focus in the work that we do and the pace of our restoration practices. We have professionals available 24/7 to respond to developing water disasters. 

The Spanish Era

Much of the Portuguese American population at this time began in the 1800s when Spanish soldiers first settled the area, and a labor force was shipped in from Hawaii to meet work demands. By the early 1900s, this Portuguese presence would be a two-thirds majority. The earliest settlements still exist in part to this day, with some structures preserved from both the Rancho San Leandro and Rancho San Antonio, owned by founder José Joaquín Estudillo and his family.  

The American Growth in San Leandro

Through major national and global conflicts, the scope of San Leandro would change. Much like everywhere else in the country, through situations like the Civil War and World War II, San Leandro residents would rise to the occasion and get involved. Shelley v. Kraemer would be instrumental in diversifying San Leandro's population again after the 1940s when covenants preventing racial diversity in the neighborhoods were deemed unconstitutional. 

Current Cultural Climate for the City 

Today, much like the rest of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Alameda County, San Leandro is a versatile landscape of cultures, art, and heritage. From retail experiences like the Marina Square Mall or the Bayfair Center to historic properties like Casa Peralta and the Daniel Best House, the city is growing without losing its cultural roots. 

Protecting Area Homes from Water Damages 

Water damages remain the most common emergency that our professionals get tasked with restoring, making it a situation we must be prepared to face at all times. The majority of our roster has accreditations with Water Restoration (WRT) through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ensuring that no customer waits for the response their home needs after a disaster. 

From the structures of the San Leandro Marina and famous properties like Casa de Estudillo or Casa Peralta, we put the same care into treasured buildings of the Bay Area as well as the thousands of homes that depend on us. We arrive with premier equipment and products designed to overcome water disaster effects promptly, including: 

  • Air movers
  • Extractors
  • Vacuums
  • Heaters
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Cleaning agents 

No matter when water damages occur in your home or business, our SERVPRO of San Leandro team can be there quickly to help. Call us 24/7 at (510) 352-2480. 

Join the Virtual Information Session for Edd in Educational Leadership for Social Justice in Mulford Gardens

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle with equipment SERVPRO works to provide Fast and Efficient Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration to your Property.

Learn About Leadership for Social Justice with Other Residents of Mulford Gardens

If interested in learning more about leadership for Social Justice, this is the right event for you. Held on Monday 25th January, between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM, the online information session teaches about Cal State East Bay’s Doctoral Program. The session focuses on Educational Leadership for Social Justice. The program can teach you how to become a transformational leader.

Attendees can expect to learn about:


Program information

In addition, attendees should expect a presentation from the faculty and the students. Those interested should expect a Zoom link a few days before the session. Share with your friends and family members who may be interested in learning more about the program.

SERVPRO of San Leandro humbly welcomes you all to this Virtual Information Session. Water leaks in your property can cause irreversible damage if left unattended for an extended period. Immediately you notice water damage in your Mulford residence, contact our experienced restorers to get your property to its former glory “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (510) 352-2480.

Professionals Perform Effective Water Cleanup to Make it “Like it never even happened."

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of house When water damage is left untreated, mold growth quickly occurs. Contact SERVPRO of San Leandro at the first sign of water damage.

SERVPRO Responds Fast to Perform Water Cleanup in Affected San Leandro Homes 

San Leandro is a town in Alameda County, California, located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay between Oakland and Hayward. 

The History of San Leandro

The ancestors of the Ohlone people were the first to inhabit this region between 3500 and 2500 BC. The English settlers referred to them as Costanoans, while the Spanish settlers called the natives the "coast people." Captain Pedro Fages, a Spanish soldier, and Father Crespi, a Catholic priest, led Europeans in the area on March 20th, 1772.

The city is situated on the Rancho San Antonio and Rancho San Leandro Mexican land grants. The city's name refers to a sixth-century Spanish bishop, Leander of Seville. Rancho San Leandro was the smaller land grant with around 3,600 hectares (9,000 acres). In 1842, Jose Joaquin Estudillo was given the land. In 1820, the larger Rancho San Antonio, which was around 18,000 hectares (44,000 acres), was given to Don Luis Maria Peralta, a Spanish soldier. 

At the beginning of 1855, William Heath Davis and John B. Ward Estudillo's sons-in-law came up with the town's site, which later became San Leandro.

From the 1880s, the city records a historic Portuguese American population. This is after Portuguese laborers from Azores and Hawaii began to settle in the city and start business and farming. According to the 1910 census, the Portuguese Americans accounted for around two-thirds of the city's population.    

The city first became Alameda county seat in 1856. However, in 1868 a devastating earthquake in Hayward Fault destroyed the county courthouse. The county seat was reinstated in 1872 in Brooklyn, California.

Brooklyn and its neighbors San Leandro fielded the Brooklyn Guard, a California militia during the civil war.

Among the cities built during the era of post-World War II in California was San Leandro. The town had restrictive covenants that restricted property owners from selling properties to minorities such as African Americans. By 1960, the city had become entirely white because of the covenant, while Oakland city had a significant African American population among other minorities.

Later on, the United States Supreme Court declared that such covenants are unenforceable. According to the census held in 1970, San Leandro was an 86.4 percent white-non Hispanic community. In the 1980s, San Leandro's demographics began to diversify. The population of Asian Americans began to rise in 2010.

San Leandro's economy

The city has been home to several food-processing plants and a wide range of corporate businesses like:

Coca-cola: It is a multinational beverage corporation invented by John Stith Pemberton in 1886. The company manufactures, retails, and markets nonalcoholic drinks.

Ghirardelli: Incorporated in 1852, an Italian chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli founded the chocolate company. The chocolate company is the third oldest in the United States.  

North Face: Founded in 1968, the outdoor recreational company produces outdoor equipment, footwear, and clothing. The company became a fashion style symbol in the late 2000s.

OSIsoft, LLC: It is an application software manufacturer for real-time data management. It was announced in August 2020 that Aveva, a UK-based production company, had agreed to purchase the company for $5 billion.

Between 1949 and 2015, a coffee roasting processing plant in Maxwell House produced the Yuban brand. Besides, the city also hosts five major shopping centers, including:

Westgate Center

Marina Square center

Bayfair Center

Greenhouse Shopping Center

Pelton Plaza

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy and Cassidy, the founder and president of OSIsoft and the city's residents, started developing the public-private partnership in January 2011. The city approved fiber optic installation under the city's streets in the existing conduits. The U.S Economic Development Administration awarded the city a $2.1 million grant to facilitate 7.5 miles of the fiber-optic network. After the company completed the network expansion in 2014, the fiber optic network had a total length of over 18 miles. Only available to business users, the network can transmit up to 10Gbit/s.

The City's Parks

The San Leandro Shoreline Recreational Area consists of San Leandro Marina, a docking facility, a group of picnic areas, and trails. Also, the city services 16 other parks. All the parks are open to the city's residents and visitors. San Leandro's Department of Recreation and Human Services also manages and staffs other recreational facilities, including:

San Leandro Family Aquatic Center

Marina Community Center

San Leandro Senior Community

The most popular recreational area across the city is Lake Chabot Regional Park. The park's scenic camping site, fishing, and hiking trails make it the most popular recreational area. The Children's Memorial Grove in Fairmont Ridge Staging Area has a stone circle and an Oak grove. The stone circle has an annual listing of children's names who passed on due to violence across the county.

A water loss incident can ruin any property. When it happens, reassurance comes from knowing that professionals can bring things back to normal.

How SERVPRO helps affected properties with water cleanup

When water gets to a place where it is not wanted, it can cause severe damage. Apart from destroying your valuable items, it can also affect the stability of your house. The damage water causes can also lower your property’s value.

Therefore, it is essential to act fast by involving reliable restorers like SERVPRO technicians to perform water cleanup in your San Leandro residence. We have the tools and equipment needed to extract the unwanted water from your property. We minimize damage by applying edge cutting techniques.

Our water cleanup process involves:

Damage assessment: Using hi-tech equipment like thermal imaging cameras, we can thoroughly assess how water traveled into the property and the magnitude of the damage.

Water extraction: We use specialized tools to extract excess water left throughout the property. High-powered vacuums, dehumidifiers, and fans are some of the tools our technicians use to hasten the drying process.

Mold prevention: Mold occurs within 24 hours and can spread fast throughout the affected property. Addressing the issue fast after the unfortunate event is essential to avoid further damage. We can use antimicrobial products to prevent mold growth in your property.       

If you need professional water cleanup in your property, do not waste time figuring out where to begin. Contact SERVPRO of San Leandro immediately to help at (510) 352-2480.  We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.    

Find Gifts and Great Ideas for Your Family in San Leandro at an Open-Air Market

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SERVPRO vehicles in front of SERVPRO office We are on call 24/7 so you can enjoy the holidays.

A Short Trip from San Leandro but Worth the Time 

The Longboard Margarita Bar hosts their first Holiday Market and has scheduled it to take place on Sunday, December 13, 2020, from 1:00 to 6:00 PM.

Please call (650) 738-5905 to register your family. All ages are welcome, and there is no fee to come in and browse through the different deals and one-of-a-kind items.

Completely taking place outside, the practice of social distancing and the proper use of protective masks required. The entire event takes place at Eureka Square. Festivities include

  • Holiday music to get you in the holiday mood, 
  • Assorted booths full of great gifts for everyone on your list,
  • Drinks on sale for every age group, and
  • A visit from Santa! 

SERVPRO of San Leandro knows that during the best times of the year, accidents can take place. We want you to know we are always available for all your water damage repair needs year-round. Call (510) 352-2480 for reliable service.

Eating Fresh in Mulford Gardens

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location of farmers market Mulford Gardens water damage cleanup is done by SERVPRO while you enjoy the local farmers market.

Mulford Gardens Residents Enjoy Fresh Produce When They Visit the San Leandro Farmers’ Market at Bayfair Center

Mulford Gardens is a hidden treasure on the Marina, offering some of the most spectacular views in the country. Beyond its golf courses, trails, and fine dining, the small coastal community offers much beyond its borders. Its proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley puts it in the radius of some of the most innovative business ventures and technology. However, a short drive from the coast takes our residents into the heart of Northern California, where vegetables and produce grow.

The San Leandro Farmers Market at Bayfair Center invites you once a week to visit its vendors and pick up seasonal fruits and vegetables for the healthiest meals. Patrons concerned about their safety should know that the Farmers Market requires the following-

  • Face coverings for all patrons
  • Respect for social spacing
  • No touching or sampling items you are not buying

Just like Mulford Gardens, residents can keep healthy by eating fresh produce, they can keep their homes healthy by calling SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 whenever a burst pipe requires professional water drying services. Only by taking care of our bodies and our homes can we come out of 2020 in good health. Our goal is to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Why Does All of the Equipment in Oakland Need to Run All of the Time?

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torn up wall with pipes behind it and a bucket and sponge beside it Ensuring the removal of water from your home after water damage is a job for our team. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and mitigation services.

How to Succeed With Water Removal in Oakland

Consumers wonder why fans and dehumidifiers need to run all of the time, especially after the surface water has been removed from their home in Oakland. Once the leak or broken pipe has been repaired, and all of the surface water vacuumed from floors and cavities, can’t everything be left to dry on its own?

SERVPRO has been providing water removal services in Oakland and surrounding areas for over fifteen years. Our professionally trained team has the experience and equipment to deal with all types of emergencies, both large and small. Many of our clients are unaware that moisture from water leaks and overflows can cause drywall and particle board structures to swell if not dried immediately. Also, mold colonies can become established in as little as 24 to 48 hours. We need to remove all of the moisture as quickly as possible. Turning off equipment risks further damage and mold growth.

At SERVPRO, we take the following steps to dry your home completely:

  • Remove excess water using pumps as needed
  • We use water extractors on floors and vacuums in small cavities
  • SERVPRO installs dehumidifiers and air movers to remove all moisture

The last step removes all remaining moisture until the humidity levels in your home have returned to normal.

Can the Equipment Be Turned off at Night to Save Money?

Many people want to turn off the equipment at night to save electrical charges. If the client is staying in the home while moisture is being removed, many would like to turn off the equipment to sleep at night. SERVPRO experts emphasize:

  • We use energy-efficient air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Avoiding the growth of mold is extremely important since mold can cause health effects.

Depending on the water damage location and insurance coverage, clients may want to consider moving out of their home for several days while we dry your home returning humidity levels to normal.

Call SERVPRO of San Leandro (510) 352-2480 to assist with water removal and restoration of your home.

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Your Best Guide to Water Damage Remediation in San Leandro

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water damaged home Finding a great water damage remediation company becomes critical at certain times. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Solving a Water Damage Problem in San Leandro

If you’ve got water damage in your home, one of the trickiest parts of solving the problem is finding a company that has the right equipment to do the job.

For those who have water damage in San Leandro, CA, SERVPRO has the specialized tools to handle any issues

To give you an idea of how the equipment is used in the problem-solving process, here’s a quick rundown on some of the equipment SERVPRO uses and the role it plays in the problem-solving process.

Dehumidification Equipment

SERVPRO uses industrial-grade dehumidifiers, and they play a vital role in preventing mold and bacteria. In addition to performing the functions of a normal dehumidifier, they help remove deeply-embedded moisture from all hard surfaces, including wooden flooring and wall frames. This can be critical in preventing the swelling and warping of floors, and these dehumidifiers can also remove water from basements, garages, crawlspaces, etc.

High-Speed Air Movers

One of the most important steps in solving a water damage problem is getting rid of as much water as possible in the first 24-48 hours, and specialized air movers play a vital role in doing this. They create airflow throughout every room where the problem exists, pushing a high-pressure stream of air across walls and floors, carpets, furniture and pads. They incorporate high-speed motors that are specifically designed to accelerate the evaporation of moisture throughout the house.

Moisture Monitors

These monitors measure the moisture level in both the home and the environment as a whole, and in specific materials such as flooring, drywall, etc. These monitors also help evaluate the specific moisture level of furniture, carpets, pads, etc., and they are pivotal in measuring the progress of the work. This helps SERVPRO professionals develop a quick understanding of the scope of the problem so they can outline the process for you.  

So if you’re looking for a company with the right equipment for the job, contact SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 to get fast, reliable service and solutions.

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When Is Cleanup Necessary after Water Leaks in My Property?

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employee listing contents loaded onto boxtruck SERVPRO Provides Pack-Out Services to Protect and Expedite Water Removal and Restoration Projects in the Oakland Area

Your Local SERVPRO Can Help Establish when Water Cleanup in Your Oakland home is Needed.

The primary response to a water spill in an Oakland home is the extraction of any standing water followed by drying any wet areas if the incident affects porous or semi-porous materials. However, many situations also require cleanup steps as part of the restoration process. Such cleanup can help remove soils introduced by the spilled water if it is a greywater loss, or deal with soils already present, in case the incident involves clean water.

Are there other less distinct issues that might necessitate cleanup?

Sometimes, the decision of whether to perform water removal from your Oakland home might be harder to make since there are no physical soils visible in the loss area. A few examples of situations that may necessitate cleaning when there is no visible soiling include:

  • When bad odor starts to develop
  • When you notice running dyes in fabrics
  • When you notice new spots or stains on carpets
  • When you suspect microbial development

Is there a preferred schedule for cleaning a water-damaged property?

Each case of water damage unfolds differently, so the steps you have to take may not follow a strict schedule. For example, when a pipe leaks in the ceiling or other elevated area, the water spilled drips on contents before pooling on the floors if it does at all. The priority in such a case is saving the contents through steps such as covering them with plastic sheets or moving them to other areas of the property before beginning the cleaning.

Away from the source, the time elapsed since the leak, and its discovery can influence the actions taken. Some water damage situations involve slow water release, as when kinks in copper or plastic pipes lead to pinhole leaks around sinks. It might take weeks or months to notice this type if a water loss, thus creating an opportunity for mold and other microbes to develop.  For such cases, cleanup to remove the moldy residues is a priority.

Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate each case to establish the best process to follow when cleaning up, thus restoring your property to the preloss state.

What cleaning steps does SERVPRO usually apply?

The steps necessary to complete cleanup after water damage in your Oakland property depends on the problems that must be addressed. Common problems that influence the steps we take include:

  • Presence of fresh stains
  • Deterioration of building materials and contents
  • Odor development
  • Existence and nature of visible soils

Wet-vacuuming or using other techniques helps remove any pools of water from your property, thus revealing other issues such as stains, which require immediate action. Removing stains from carpets or upholstery is already set, and we address them in the best way available. For temporary soilings such as those left by resin or rust from furniture legs, shortly after the water spill, we can tackle them through scrubbing the area with soft-bristled brushes and flushing with water.  If the stains show signs of setting, we use spotting products to help break down the soils forming the stains before rinsing the area. We can also use specialized spot removal equipment.

Water intrusion can break down some materials such as drywall and insulation, especially when a significant volume is involved. Removing such materials is an essential part of the cleanup since they are unsalvageable. Removing the materials might also help in accessing water trapped in wall cavities or other hidden areas. Our technicians bring various tools to help cut and remove the deteriorated materials, creating room for standard cleanup procedures. This process our SERVPRO technicians refer to as “flood cuts.”

Odors mostly occur when microbial development or other forms of deterioration start. Applying antimicrobial agents to cleaned surfaces helps delay or stop microbial growth, preventing the development of odors. Of course, there is a need to dry all the affected areas after completing the cleaning process to preempt future microbial development.

Do professional restorers like SERVPRO help quicken the cleanup process?

The process of cleaning up and restoring a home after water damage can take longer if the response is not structured. A professional restoration team consists of highly trained water restoration technicians, which ensures proper planning of the different steps necessary for the restoration. Having several team members also allows for different tasks to be tackled simultaneously. Other factors that help quicken the process include:

  • Use of high-efficiency water extractors
  • Use of automated cleaning equipment such as rotating brushes
  • Use of professional cleaning products that help breakdown soils faster

Cleaning up property helps address many issues for restoration to preloss conditions. SERVPRO of San Leandro can help establish what steps are necessary and help you complete them in time. Call us any time at (510) 352-2480. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Cleanup Procedures In Oakland Often Include Extracting Carpet And Pad

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Home in water Oakland, Your water damage needs SERVPRO’s tools and reliability.

Our SERVPRO Technicians are Trained and Certified to Handle Your Oakland Homes Water Cleanup

The average apartment building in Oakland has a large number of water pipes running both fresh H2O and waste in and out of it. Out of all of the items in your apartment complex that use a plumbing system, it is likely that one day a pipe or appliance it runs to will malfunction and force you to conduct water cleanup in areas of your unit near the initial source.

Since liquid H2O can follow gravity and flow throughout your building, it is wise to have a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO conduct water cleanup in your Oakland apartment as soon as possible. The first step we take is to shut off the plumbing that runs to your dwelling so that it stops pouring into your structure. Next, we can conduct extraction procedures to remove all of the moisture we can while it is still a liquid.

When dealing with wet carpets or pads inside your residence, our SERVPRO technicians start by using a moisture sensor to determine how far the moisture went. The moisture sensor is a metal rod with a handle that gives an indication when they sense moisture inside your carpet and pad. We start the inspection by testing the carpets closest to the source and then working our way out.

After we figure out which portions of your carpeting got wet, our SERVPRO team then pulls a corner of your flooring so we can check for delamination. When carpets get saturated, the paper backing on it can get separated from the fibers or delaminate. If the delamination is severe and the pads look visibly damaged, then they could have to be removed and replaced. However, if the delamination is only minor, then we can often save them by extracting and drying them out.

Even if the carpet and pad are getting removed, we always extract them first to make the disposal process easier. We start by attaching a carpet wand to one of our extractors using the smallest hose possible. We run the wand across the entire affected area right away to keep the water from flowing to previously unaffected areas. Next, we figure out the best extraction tool to use based on the thickness of your carpets.

If you ever suffer from a severe or minor water leak inside your apartment complex, call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 any day of the week. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Have The Proper Techniques To Restore Your Oakland Home After A Water Damage Disaster

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One of our air movers drying the carpet in this property We have state of the art equipment like this air mover to restore your home after a water loss. We are available 24/7, so call us right away.

Measuring Hidden Water Damage in Your Oakland Home

After a water spill anywhere in your home, there is often a hefty amount of cleanup before your life can resume its regular routine. A bathroom may have a leaky pipe with clean water that seeps onto the tile floor, and into the wooden baseboards or even out into your hardwood flooring. After sopping up the mess with old towels and mopping up the excess you may find moisture lurking in unexpected places.

If you are dealing with water damage in your Oakland home, it is crucial to understand moisture levels and where excess water may be hiding. SERVPRO water restoration technicians use moisture meters to check the actual moisture content within materials to determine the best approach to dry them. During the entire drying process, moisture meters test the progress of the drying to restore the impacted items to their original moisture levels. 

Technicians may use an infrared camera to locate hidden moisture by detecting differences in temperature. However, the infrared camera does not provide leveled readings of exactly how much moisture is within the material. The meters calibrate for specific materials. If it calibrates for drywall, when it reads the moisture content in wood materials, it is incorrect. 

Some meters may adjust to suit the type of material. The average meter has a wood scale that goes from 5% to 30% of moisture. Moisture meters typically do not read a percentage for non-wood materials but have a relative scale that ranges from 0 to 100 or 0 to 1,000 depending on the meter. This scale serves when you measure drying progress. Wood readings are done in percentages while non-wood materials use points. 

When SERVPRO technicians take moisture readings, they measure non-impacted materials in the home as a control to determine a drying goal. The same technician also takes the readings to narrow the margin of error, making sure to read it the same way each time. 

Appropriate readings help technicians understand the best way to extract water damage and position air movers and dehumidifiers. In addition to measuring materials, technicians use thermo-hygrometers to determine relative humidity within a room. 

If you suspect hidden moisture remaining after a water mishap, contact SERVPRO of San Leandro (General Contractor License: 937457) at (510) 352-2480 for assistance.

Water Damage In Your Oakland Home

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water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

Carpet and Walls Need Restoration from Water Damage in Oakland Home

A small, slow leak can do significant water damage to sheetrock and flooring over time. Over time as it continues, the wet spots show up in the drywall, or the carpet feels damp, and it requires fast cleanup.

A leak made itself known in an Oakland property with a large amount of water on the carpet. It softened sheetrock that required removal as it had no restoration potential and to open up the wall cavity for plumbing repairs and thorough drying.

Water Extraction Before Drying
The techs scope the area and extract the water before moving on to the drying phase of restoration services. The more water removed lessens the amount of time needed to dry the property.

Drying the Carpet in Place
SERVPRO technicians often rely on a technique known as "floating the carpet." This method requires that the techs loosen one side of the carpet and position their air movers to blow into the opened space. This introduces warm, dry air to the padding, flooring, and even the wooden tack strips. Because some carpet fibers respond to saturation by shrinking, after drying, the techs can re-stretch the carpet if needed.

Wall cavities with elevated moisture require drying or mold, and foul odors can be an issue. The techs use air movers to direct the airflow directly into the wall space and deliver progressively drier air as the dehumidification equipment ports away the captured moisture.

Reconstruction Services
After water loss mitigation efforts complete, SERVPRO can offer homeowners their rebuilding services under their general contractor license #937457. This saves time as the techs already know what elements need repair, and this saves the homeowner from the hassle of finding a contractor to do any needed reconstruction on the home to bring it back to its pre-water-loss condition.

When water damage happens, contact SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480. The certified technicians are available 24/7 and have the equipment and experience to make the water loss in your property, “Like it never even happened.”

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Is Your Washing Machine 'Hosing' Your Oakland Home With Water Damage?

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Did you know that washing machines cause a lot of water damage? Inspect your hoses often.

Get Timely Water Damage Cleanup for Your Oakland Home After a Washing Machine Leak

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) ranks washing machines as the costliest causes of water damage in homes. Apart from structural damage, mold infestation is a frequent secondary repercussion of the washing machine leaks. Mold usually grows in wet buildings within 24 to 48 hours.  

Mold growth may not be visible immediately since it can occur beneath carpeting or deep within other flooring materials. When there’s water damage in your Oakland home, you can count on SERVPRO to help you with the cleanup efforts. We perform water damage remediation promptly to remove water from all affected substances, locate potential problem areas, and remove the mold before it develops into a more severe problem.  

Water can also ruin moisture sensitive furnishings, books, and documents almost immediately. Structures like drywall, carpets, and subfloors can also get ruined because of prolonged exposure to excess water or moisture. Water damage can also cause health concerns in your home. If clean water is not removed and dried correctly, it can turn into gray and then black water. The longer water or moisture remains in a home, the more serious the damage becomes, leading to expensive repairs.  

During the water cleanup process, our SERVPRO crews move items that could suffer secondary damage from the affected area. We then use wet/dry vacuums or portable pumps to remove as much standing water as possible. For hard surfaces, we can use a squeegee attachment. Thorough extraction reduces drying time and limits the chance of furniture stains and rust on carpets. If there are stains on your carpet, we can remove them more effectively when the carpet is still wet.  

When extracting water from carpets, our Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) also look out for pre-existing destruction. If we find damage, we can notify your insurance adjuster. If the adjuster approves the removal of the carpet, we can do so. To dry the affected rooms, we can set up air movers around their perimeter at 45-degree angles, pointing towards the walls. We can also place dehumidifiers in the rooms to eliminate moisture from the air.  

When a washing machine has caused water to pool in your home, call SERVPRO of San Leandro for cleanup services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. You can reach us at (510) 352-2480 anytime.

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Our Response Teams Respond Immediately To Oakland Water Damage Emergencies

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Rain water caused ground water flooding of a cafeteria tile floor. The picture shows the excess water being extracted by our team.

SERVPRO - Removing And Remediating Water Damage To Oakland Homes

Even with life on and near the coast, Oakland homes suffer more water intrusions and other damage from failed plumbing than the rain that comes rolling in off the Bay or the Strait. A split hose in a washing machine can cause thousands of dollars in damages, just like heavy rain that finds its way under the roof.

No matter the source, Oakland water damage needs to be addressed quickly and professionally. Standing water can soak into everything, so SERVPRO response teams take immediate action to reduce current, damaging effects and eliminate further problems.

Team members start with securing the residence. After a storm, that means boarding up doors and windows, but with a plumbing problem, that means stopping the water source. Once technicians turn off the water, efforts go immediately to removal.

For water about ankle deep and higher, they begin with a commercial pump to bring it down to just above the floors and carpets. At that level, technicians change to a smaller extraction wand which is an advanced version of the device available for rent at a retailer or big box store. The devices available to SERVPRO have adjustable vacuum speed and temperature, allowing team members to draw out water without damaging floorboards or carpet fibers.

After completing water damage removal, technicians lift the carpet to check for delimitation, or separation of the two layers of carpet. With the carpet raised, they also remove the pad and dry the floor using a combination of air movers to force warm air across the surface and exhaust fans to pull damp air away and force it out the nearest window or door. Once dry, technicians put down a new pad and stretch the carpet back in place.

For wood floors, team members use a moisture meter to look for floorboards still soaked and water trapped underneath them. Technicians use the same air movers to gently send warm air across them without splitting or cracking them. For water underneath, they lift a floorboard usually covered by a piece of furniture, attach a hose to the air mover and send the warm air below to dry out the sub-floor space.

These are only the first steps SERVPRO of San Leandro takes to remediate the effects of water damage in each home. If you leak anywhere in your residence, call us at (510) 352-2480 now to begin the restoration process.

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Your Oakland Kitchen Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage After A Water Incident

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If you need our services when disaster strikes in your home, give us a call today at (510) 352-2480.

Professional Water Cleanup In Your Oakland Kitchen

Life happens. While waiting on a washing machine repair, you can pull out your old electric washer and spinner from your college days and use that for small laundry loads in the meantime. However, after you hook it up to your kitchen faucet and start filling it up, it can be easy to forget about it while playing with your kids or taking the dogs out. When you come back inside to find your kitchen counters, cabinets, and ceramic tile floor covered in water, it can be overwhelming to consider the amount of water cleanup that has to take place to prevent mold from increasing.

When you need professional water cleanup in your Oakland home, the certified technicians at SERVPRO are Faster to Any Size Disaster, with access to industrial-grade equipment and extensive disaster mitigation training, so you can rest assured that our professionals have the tools and knowledge to restore your kitchen.

After your call, our team of SERVPRO professionals can get right to work extracting any remaining loose water, if any, with tools like wet/dry vacs and evaluating moisture of surfaces in your kitchen. Ceramic tile is semi-porous but highly resilient when it comes to water, so during drying, you can count on your tile being intact without moisture affecting the subflooring.

When drying surfaces, two pieces of industrial-grade equipment are used: air movers and dehumidifiers. When positioning air movers for cabinet doors and other vertical surfaces, they can generally be positioned at 45-degree angles every 10 to 16 linear feet to address moisture. If no water has penetrated the subflooring, air movers can be placed across the floor for dehumidifiers to absorb. During drying, our team continually monitors moisture levels with a variety of devices to ensure that humidity reaches safe levels. After drying, we can clean surfaces with an EPA-registered antimicrobial solution as an extra buffer to mold and bacteria growth.

SERVPRO of San Leandro stands ready to mitigate any disaster that may come your way. If you need our services when disaster strikes in your home, give us a call today at (510) 352-2480.

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Water Heater Cause Water Damage? Call The Pros at SERVPRO

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When water heaters cause water damage, our SERVPRO team will be there to help.

Get Water Cleanup Services for Your Oakland Home After a Water Heater Leak

A leaking water heater can cause significant damage, especially if you didn’t detect the leak for several days. If the appliance is on an upper floor, the water could damage the walls and flooring as it flows downward. Fixing the leak and cleaning up the water is vital.

Assessing the affected areas for damage and performing the necessary repairs is also essential. Before you repair the damaged areas, you should hire professionals who can assist you to perform water cleanup in your Oakland home. You can contact the water damage remediation professionals at SERVPRO to assist you with the cleanup and drying process. We respond Faster to Any Size Disaster and have the training and equipment to handle your cleaning and restoration needs.

Our SERVPRO technicians can use tools like wet/dry vacuums to remove standing water from the affected areas. We check the floors and walls below the affected area and crawl spaces for standing water and extract it. We then assess the destruction and remove the materials, which cannot be restored like drywall, carpeting, carpet padding, and personal items.

When drying a structure, we create a drying goal, which is the condition we want to bring about in the affected areas. We consider how dry the area should be when we are done. This goal includes moisture content readings from dry, unaffected contents and structures, readings in percentage for wood materials and readings in points for non-wood materials. We use industrial grade dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out the area and materials that can be restored. To dry a structure, it is necessary to eliminate moisture from the air. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air to ensure that the area is thoroughly dry. Our SERVPRO technicians monitor the drying equipment to ensure fast drying time.

Most water damage also necessitates odor removal for wet materials have a distinct odor. Our technicians can deodorize the floors, walls, ceilings and other structures to eliminate odors. We can also restore the area to its original condition by refinishing hardwood flooring, laying new carpeting and hanging new drywall.

When in need of water cleanup services, SERVPRO of San Leandro is ready to assist you. We offer 24-hour emergency services. Contact us at (510) 352-2480 and let our restoration experts give you peace of mind.

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Some Strategies to Supercharge the Water Damage Remediation Process in Your Oakland Home

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

After appliance failure, your home can recover with SERVPRO’s help. Contact us today to assess the water damage.

After Appliances Fail, Successfully Protect Your Home with Expert Water Removal Services in Oakland

To fix an emergency that involves your Oakland home, you need a company that is Faster To Any Size Disaster and one with experienced specialists who know how to scale their equipment to your precise needs. Appliances that fail by overflowing can leave a lot less water on your floors than a slipped hose lets flow into your home, but both require your immediate attention.

SERVPRO technicians help residents by providing different restoration services including water removal methods in Oakland that rapidly get a house dry again. We use unique instruments that detect hidden water and pockets of moisture inside your home and tell us the percentage of moisture present. Using these tools, we develop a baseline that helps us complete your home's drying out before any necessary restoration.

Removing lost water from your visible living space is not enough, and our tools help us locate wherever the water invaded. Our equipment is instrumental in our work, making it exceptionally efficient. After pumping out the standing water that you might have waded through, we begin removing the water vapor that increases whenever excess water exists. This continues during our work, as any moisture present in your house continually evaporates.

We use water's trait of easily turning from a liquid to a gas to our advantage. Heat increases the rate that water dissipates into the air, and we know that water continually moves so it can reach equilibrium, which means everything becomes equally damp. Moisture moves from damper areas to drier places, forcing its way out of hidden pockets. Then, we can capture it with our desiccant machines and remove trapped water from your property.

Protecting your floors requires that you call as soon as possible to start the work required to remove the water and get your home dry again. Water does not remain still unless a container holds it in one place. The longer it takes to begin water removal services, the farther water can spread within the porous materials of your floor. We have IICRC-certified specialists who can help reduce or eliminate the damage experienced, helping make everything “Like it never even happened.”

Call us, SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480, 24/7, to eliminate lost water. Our water removal team is always ready to start the work needed and help you protect your Emeryville, Alameda, or Danville home from additional harm.

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Get it fixed, before it gets costly

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

Don't let this much damage happen, call SERVPRO as soon as you notice wetness.

Your Oakland Water Damaged Home Can Be Restored By SERVPRO

Water damage is a problem that most property owners would rather not have to face. After heavy rains or flooding, the risk of water damage increases. Water can cause thousands of dollars in damages. It can damage wood, furniture, electronics, household appliances, and your electrical and plumbing systems. Water intrusion poses risks to your health from exposure to mold, raw sewage, and bacteria. Hire water damage restoration experts from SERVPRO. They can make the water removal and clean up safer and faster.

Water damage comes From Many Sources
Water damage can be caused by dishwashers that leak, toilets that become clogged, appliances hoses that break, leaks from plumbing, or broken pipes. When too much water and an insufficient way to move or get rid of the it, more complicated problems can arise. For example, a small flood, over time can cause structural damage to your home. Water damage if untreated, can destroy homes or cause them to be uninhabitable until after restoration. You must start the water damage cleanup immediately. If you initiate the water damage restoration process quickly, you increase the chances of saving water damaged items and reduce the risk of unsalvageable items and structural failures.

Permanent Damage Caused By Water
Water will encourage the proliferation of mold growth. Mold growth can destroy woodwork, ceilings, drywall, and other trim. Further, it can damage furniture that sits and soaks in water for an extended period. Constant standing water will cause boards and planks in your home to become warped and weakened. Over time, this will lead to threatening the structural integrity of your home. Water can ruin your home. Waiting to remove water and block on-going damage saves you stress, time, money, and preserves more of your personal, irreplaceable possessions.

Our experts from SERVPRO also have the IICRC training to complement an extensive arsenal of industry grade pumping equipment, drying machines, cleaning products, and expertise to surmount all of your flooding situations. Some water damage may only require a minor cleanup process. However, some jobs may need a big renovation. We can cover the entire process from water removal to complete restoration and keep you well informed of the progress. Our goal is to mitigate the water damage, and get you back home "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

As water damage specialists, SERVPRO of San Leandro has the equipment, experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables us to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. We respond to your water damage in Oakland, Alameda, and Piedmont quickly. Call us 24/7 at (510) 352-2480

Where is Rain to go?

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This isn't Venice, Italy! When the Bay overflows, water floods the area.

Our SERVPRO Certified Technicians Act Quickly to Prevent Secondary Damages

When the San Francisco Bay's level rises, it can cause substantial problems for the residents of San Leandro. Flooding does not need to come from rainfall with nowhere to go but sideways – and the salty water from the Bay holds its own type of special hazards for homeowners. 

Residents who find themselves facing flood damage from overflows from the Bay often have to deal with the silt and sand when flooding abates, plus the multitude of microorganisms and the smell they create. While sea spray can give hair and clothing a fresh scent, it fails at this when a home is involved. Photos found on the internet can show you how badly flooding impacts homes and other buildings, but it is impossible to fully portray the indescribable odors left behind. 

Always ready for flooding and other disaster types, SERVPRO professionals can provide the complete restoration services needed to start the cleanup procedures and prepare your home for the return of your family. Flooding increases the risk of not only  water damagebut also the chance that a fire starts. Electrical circuits, wiring, fuse boxes, and all other components submerged during a flood must have an inspection by a licensed electrician to prevent fires from starting. 

After removing debris and standing water, we then begin drying out the home. As we work, we take care to discuss any modifications to walls and cabinets that often increase our machines' efficiency. Because flooding often renders a home's electrical framework unusable, we bring our own with us. Preparing the areas the electrician must access in advance can save time later, so we keep this in mind as we work in your home. After the electrical work is again functioning safely and correctly, we can continue restoring your home. 

Re-establishing the indoor environment helps protect your home from future damage, some of which can take months or longer to surface and become evident. Making your home beautiful while we protect it is one of our main goals at SERVPRO. When you, the homeowner, are satisfied with our work, then we know our job is complete.

SERVPRO of San Leandro understands the role your home plays for you and your family, and we want to help you in the task of ensuring its integrity. Contact us at (510) 352-2480 to speak with our technicians about how we can help. 

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Oakland Homeowners Quake from Water Damage, Then They Call SERVPRO

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

Oakland Properties Get Water Loss Help and Even Cupcakes from SERVPRO--We Are Here for You!

We Provide Reliable Water Damage Services in Oakland

When water flows into your kitchen from a broke dishwater hose, calling professionals may save your beautiful Oakland home from significant damages. There is standing water in your kitchen that should be dealt with as soon as possible. It is never a right decision to wait to call because excess moisture in the home can cause structural damage and mold growth, which can result in health effects. Our techs work fast and can restore your home when possible.

Our skilled SERVPRO water damage team In Oakland can be on-site within hours after you call us. Arriving quickly and working fast can prevent further damages to the property. Plus, quickly responding may protect contents inside the structure, which could result in lower restoration and insurance costs.
We can use a variety of extracting methods such as portable extractors, pumps, wands or vacuums to remove water quickly from the affected areas. After we get rid of the water, our crew can check for hidden moisture. They may employ probes and sensors to locate moisture beneath the floor tile or from behind the lower walls and baseboards. Standing water can also cause wood rot and can ruin sub-flooring, which is why it is relevant to call us to do the job.
Once, we remove the water from the area our crew can start the drying stage. Our SERVPRO techs may utilize industrial air movers, high-velocity axial fans and dehumidifiers to dry the structure. Air movers and fans help speed up drying by raising the level of evaporation and reducing the amount of moisture in the air. In some cases, our techs may use heaters to enhance drying. If odors are present, air scrubbers may also be put in place to push musty smells from the structure and to pull in cleaner air. Dehumidifiers may also be set in strategic areas to reduce moisture in the atmosphere and to expedite drying.
When possible, our SERVPRO of San Leandro water damage team can restore your kitchen back to its preloss condition. We are here to help and are only a phone call away. Contact us 24/7 at (510) 352-2480.

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Water Damaged Property

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

Ever Experienced Water Damage to Your Property? That's a good question. Over the years SERVPRO of San Leandro has responded to many unusual sources of water damage including: Children watering indoor plants with a garden house; aquariums falling over during an earthquake; and carpenters driving nails through hidden pipes. There are many more common ways that a building can become damaged by water such as: Ground water flooding, rain storms, burst water delivery pipes, plumbing backups, failed/leaking water heaters, etc.

One of the strangest water damage situations that our company responded to was in a four story Victorian house in Oakland that had been converted to small apartments.

During a domestic argument, a wife slashed a waterbed that was in a bedroom on the top floor. The 100 gallons of water flowed down through the floor causing flooding to many rooms below. The water damage affected every resident in the house.

When our crew arrived, we were amazed to see the interior rooms with ceilings dripping as if it were raining indoors. Regardless of the source or the size of the flooding, SERVPRO of San Leandro can quickly mitigate (stop and contain) the damage and get the drying and recovery underway.

Our experience is vast. We work in residential, retail and commercial settings.

SERVPRO of San Leandro 510-352-2480

Taking Care of Water Damage in Your San Leandro Home Quickly

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Here Is Why to Call SERVPRO Promptly for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration in the San Leandro Area

SERVPRO Advises Property Owners Not To Delay in Requesting Water Removal Help

As a San Leandro homeowner, you have a lot on your plate regarding keeping your residence in top form. From the potential disasters that could show up with little warning to threaten the exterior structure of your home to issues that occur within the house, many of the effects could be outside of your abilities to restore or clean up on your own. In these cases, professional restoration can help you to bring your home back to the way that it should be as quickly as possible.

Professional restoration for water damages in your San Leandro home, for example, can help you to appreciate your need for efficient services better. Our SERVPRO team of professionals works to live up to our slogan that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. The benefit to you is that our technicians can arrive quickly and offer the most efficient and practical approaches to restore the damage that your home has sustained.

This process begins with you, however. From the moment that the incident occurs, damages throughout the affected area occur almost immediately. The longer that the water is standing in one place or spreading throughout your home, the more surfaces and materials can be harmed. This reality should encourage you to act quickly to secure the rapid response of our SERVPRO professionals as soon as possible.

The more saturated and heavy that construction materials become throughout the affected areas of your home, the more unstable they are. Not only does this pose a significant risk to the occupants of the house as these materials weaken or become too heavy to support, but it also limits the ability of our experienced team to restore and salvage these materials.

To keep your house from getting too affected by water damages, you should count on the efficient and experienced SERVPRO of San Leandro restoration specialists. Our team can arrive quickly and help you to overcome any of these negative forces to bring your home back to the way it should be, "Like it never even happened." Our team is standing by 24/7 at (510) 352-2480.

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Water Removal Rids Your Oakland Home of Damaging Water after Pipes Break

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Water Stains Indicate Large Problems for Property Owners in Oakland, Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Large Volumes of Water Can Cause Significant Damage--Call SERVPRO Fast

Pipes inside your home can break at any time, day or night, and on average a ¾-inch pipe spews out about 1350 gallons per hour. While not much bigger, if your Oakland home has 1-inch pipes, the amount surges to almost double that amount and releases 2100 gallons per hour.

In Oakland, SERVPRO is always ready to perform water removal and extraction services to get your home dry again. We use submersible pumps that remove the water almost as quickly and prepare the area for our team to use smaller units. Responding Faster to Any Size Disaster, we know that every minute counts. Damaging effects of water begin almost immediately.
The longer the water remains, the worse and more extensive damage becomes, reaching into other areas of your home as water, moisture, and water vapor spread. Even the air can become saturated until we restore your home's interior back to its normal dry condition. Dehumidification is hugely crucial to ridding the interior of a home from excess moisture. Less water vapor means more rapid removal of the unwanted water.
SERVPRO technicians hold certifications from the IICRC and know how to use various techniques and methods to dry the different materials inside your home. We take readings of your walls, floors, and the air, as well, and then compare these readings to established moisture-content listings. Until the materials inside your home reach these same levels, we continue drying things out.
For problematic areas that retain water more strongly, we build simple drying chambers that allow us to concentrate efforts in specific areas while other areas in your residence continue drying at a different rate. Similar to this, we use heated floor mats that extract the moisture that evaporates out from under floorboards. Also, using flexible tubing permits us to air out the cavities and dead spaces in your house's architecture. We force warm, dry air into these spaces to reduce the wetness.
When you find your home flooded with water from a broken water line, call us, SERVPRO of San Leandro, at (510) 352-2480. We can try to make everything “Like it never even happened.” with fast and efficient water removal services.

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Content Manipulation

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

Salvageable water damage contents by yours truly.

Unless you have experienced a serious water damage event at your office or home, you may not be aware that sometimes contents and furniture must be removed form a water damaged location.

Outstanding technicians like Jesse and Eugene work hard to remove furniture so it won't become ruined by the wet (humid) interior environment. Or, they may have to remove contents so they're not "in the way." It's a no-brainer to understand that drying or repairing an empty room is far easier and faster than working around a furnished space.  

At SERVPRO of San Leandro, we will use our experience to determine when a "pack-out" is the best option. When it's the right choice, we will let you know and we will even speak with your insurance adjuster or property manager. 

When we perform a packout, often on an emergency basis, we have a company motto, "SERVPRO of San Leandro.. the careful movers."  That phrase really means something because the faster we work at removing contents, the better chance we have of protecting and saving them. However, there's no point removing furniture only to damage it during the pack out. That's why we put extra "care" in the moving process. 

At SERVPRO of San Leandro we're well known for performing fire cleanup, water damage mitigation, mold remediation and specialized cleaning... we are also proud of the support service we provide such as pack-out and storage.

Should your office or home suffer any type of damage, we're here to make it... "like it never even happened."

At your service... SERVPRO of San Leandro 510-352-2480

Have a Water Damage Event? Call the Experts in San Leandro

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Our technicians focus on stopping the leak first and then remediating the damage. When facing any type of water damage situtation, contact SERVPRO.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Equipped to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

Water is our life source as humans. However, water can sometimes hurt your San Leandro home. Moisture inside your dwelling is always a rough situation.
So, a pipe broke inside your house, what do you do? We recommend that you call SERVPRO's water damage professionals in San Leandro. Water spilling out from anywhere inside your house is something nobody ever wants.
Too much moisture inside your home possibly causes some issues. If furniture or contents inside your home get too wet, it is possible that damage occurs. Sometimes water saturates building materials such as carpet or drywall, and the materials must get removed.
Paper and wooden building materials are susceptible to mold growth. If too much water is in the air inside your home, the moisture sometimes causes damage to areas of your home other than the source. High moisture levels in the air makes it possible for mold to form in other areas of your home as well.
SERVPRO's experts have all of the necessary equipment and expertise to test the air and building materials within your home for moisture levels. If the water damage ruined the flooring or walls, then the damaged material gets taken out before drying can occur. Depending on the extent of damage sometimes nothing gets removed at all.
In many cases, our specialists remediate your water damage problem without removing anything. The team comes in and sets up a variety of drying equipment that is designed to dry out regions of your house before any fungi grow. We have different types of equipment to aid the drying process including air movers, injectidry systems, heaters, dehumidifiers, and drying mats. These different pieces of equipment are designed to create the right environment inside your home to dry out the wet areas as quick as possible.
Using the industry's best equipment many times our crew can dry out water damaged areas without having to remove anything from your home. If you have unwanted moisture inside your house due to a water leak, then call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 24 for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Cleaning Up Water Damage In Your San Leandro Kitchen From A Leaking Dishwasher

1/24/2018 (Permalink)

Time is of the essence with any water leak, including a leaking dishwasher.

Cleaning Up Water Damage

Time is of the essence with any water leak, including a leaking dishwasher. The faster you respond to take action to stop water from spilling onto your kitchen floor in San Leandro, the less damage that is done and this also means less costly repairs. Your dishwasher can fail for several reasons including it being installed unevenly, using the wrong dishwashing soap, a broken door, loose connections, and a worn gasket.

Whatever the reason your dishwasher has begun leaking water all over your kitchen floor, the issue needs to be handled fast. Water damage can quickly escalate in your San Leandro home, and professional help to clean it up is best. SERVPRO has the staff and tools to expertly clean up the mess and restore your home back to normal.

During the restoration of your home, we need to create a drying goal. We monitor the drying process daily to see whether this goal is being accomplished. A drying goal is a condition we want to bring to the affected area of your structure and how dry we want the environment to be when we are finished.

SERVPRO technicians use drier air to increase the rate of evaporation. We use specific humidity readings to ensure the humidity in the affected area is lowering. When dry, the specific humidity in this area should be the same or lower than the specific humidity of areas which were not affected.

We also need to establish a dry standard for the contents of your home. We do so by taking moisture content readings from materials that are dry in unaffected areas. These readings are part of our drying goal for the wet areas. A moisture meter is used to see if we are reaching our drying goals and to document how much moisture is in the material every time we monitor. We compare the readings to see if the item is drying, and once we reach the drying goal, the process is complete.

SERVPRO of San Leandro understands that once standing water is out of your home in San Leandro, Mulford Gardens, and the surrounding areas, it does not mean your home is thoroughly dry yet. We take steps to ensure your home is dried back to normal levels when you call us for help at (510) 352-2480.

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Understanding the Levels of Cleaning After Water Damage to Your San Leandro Property

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO Using Industry Formulated Cleaning Products for Your San Leandro Home After Water Intrusion

SERVPRO Offers Water Removal and Clean Up for Properties As Needed

Getting your San Leandro property clean after a water damage incidence can be a tricky thing if you do not seek professional help. Things can get especially tricky if the flooding is due to a busted drain pipe or a sewer line.

SERVPRO technicians can get your San Leandro property clean of water damage after such an incidence in no time. We use state-of-the-art technology to remove water and get your home as dry as possible. However, it is essential to understand that there are various levels of cleaning. The level of cleanliness achieved during a routine cleanup may vary in many different situations and requirements.

SERVPRO technicians classify three levels of cleanliness: sterile, disinfected and sanitary. For an environment to be sterile, it needs to be a 100% contamination-free. This level of cleanliness is not achievable during routine cleaning. Eliminating 100% contamination is almost impossible after water damage incidence. Only hospital rooms require this level of cleanliness.

A disinfected level of cleaning is achieved if 99% of the soil and contaminants are removed. It is vital to achieving this level of cleaning in some cases such as sewer backup. This level of cleaning makes the premises suitable for humans to live after a substantial contamination during water damage. SERVPRO technicians use EPA-registered disinfectants to decontaminate the surfaces and render them safe for occupancy by the homeowners. Killing pathogens is a goal of this process.

A sanitary level of cleaning is achieved when soil and contaminants are removed to such an extent that there is no threat to the health of the occupants of the premises. Some soil and contamination can still exist after SERVPRO technicians achieve a sanitary level of cleaning.

A ‘clean' environment is one that has achieved a sanitary level of cleaning. SERVPRO technicians ensure that we attain a sanitary level of cleaning at a minimum after water damage. We make sure that we attain this level so that there is no health threat to the occupants of the premises.

Call SERVPRO of San Leandro at (510) 352-2480 today to talk to one of our experts to discuss your restoration needs.

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Team Communication Gets the Right Care for Water Damage in San Leandro Homes

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of San Leandro will clean and restore your property "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Professional Can Restore Your San Leandro Home From Water Damage

Every water damage case is different, and every home we are called to has unique requirements and impediments that must be worked around. Sometimes, time is the most important consideration, and we have to move as quickly as possible to keep costs down and finish the job in a timely manner. In other cases, however, water damage to a San Leandro home can require delicate and careful work to restore, and may be at risk of worsening if we work too quickly. Our teams operate with trained cohesion and inter-dependability to maintain communication and ensure that proper treatment protocols are put in place for any situation.

Evaluation starts with our experienced inspectors, who are trained to evaluate water damage in your San Leandro home with very specific tools, measurements, and categorizations. These individuals determine how severe the damage is, how widespread it may be, and what treatments may be necessary. They also look for signs of additional damage and hidden problems such as mold and leaks around the home. Once they have formed their expert opinion on the situation, they hand off work to our restoration teams.

SERVPRO restoration technicians are the backbone of our mitigation and restoration services. They carry the tools and training necessary to reverse and repair any damage caused by a disaster and work their hardest to ensure that no sign of damage remains. If they need to work quickly, they have access to powerful industrial tools such as air movers and truck-mounted water extractors. Alternatively, if a situation requires more care and precision work, they can also work with smaller tools and specialized drying techniques to care for delicate materials and objects. We train and certify all SERVPRO technicians to accommodate and treat water damage to all conventional materials in a home.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of San Leandro is ready 24/7 to respond to your call for help. If your home has been impacted by any form of water damage, call us at (510) 352-2480 for our services or advice.

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Why You Should Hire Water Damage Specialists

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Be ready for water damage...

Natural disasters such as floods and fires can wreak havoc on your residential property. As a result, homeowners need to have a strategic plan in place to ensure that their assets is restored to its original condition and poses no health risks to occupants. While there are numerous things that you should do to put this important process in motion, hiring a team of trained San Lorenzo warwe damage specialists is particularly important. SERVPRO professionals have the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to clean and restore your home following a natural disaster. Their efforts ensure that your home is ready for safe reentry following repairs. Learn more about howwater damage specialists can assist you by reviewing the following data:

Assessing Your Home
The first thing remediation specialists will do to get your home in shape is an assessment. The assessment helps the experts determine the extent ofSan Lorenzo damage on your residential property. Once this assessment is made, the specialists will be able to determine what equipment to bring to expedite and optimize the cleanup and restoration processes. It will also help them determine how many trained professionals will need to be on site and working in order to complete the restoration process in a timely fashion.

Cleaning Your Home
Once the assessment is complete, water damage specialists will move forward by cleaning your home. The cleaning process is necessary because it prevents secondary San Lorezo water damage that results from the growth of mold and mildew. The cleanup process also ensures that you will be able to reenter your home safely. water damage specialists use several specific pieces of equipment to ensure that the cleaning process is optimized.

Once your home has been subjected to a natural disaster, it is imperative that you begin the cleanup and restoration processes immediately. If you do not, you run the risk of exposing your property to mold and mildew growth. Because time is critically important when it comes to the home remediation process, it is always advantageous to allow a team of professionals to handle the restoration project for you. As you begin searching for the ideal remediation company, consider the professionals of SERVPRO. Our company's team of technicians possesses extensive experience in the dynamic remediation sector. As a result, we are effective in providing detail-oriented, knowledge-based remediation services that work. Contact one of our amicable representatives today to schedule your consultation.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of San Leandro is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the San Leandro community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

Our expertise in water restoration is extensive. SERVPRO utilizes IICRC training as part of our on-going education to stay ahead of the curve. Call us for help. (510) 352-2480

Crawl Space Restoration After Water Damage in San Leandro

7/2/2017 (Permalink)

San Leandro Well Constructed Basement Can Limit Moisture and Water Damage

Water Removal Mitigates Damage to Your Home

Homes with walk-out features often have a crawl space rather than a full basement. If water encroaches into the crawl space, a homeowner must react or risk structural damage to the foundation and an increased threat of mold growth. Your local SERVPRO work team has the experience, training, and skills to restore water damage underneath your house.
A washing machine malfunction sent gallons of water flowing over your utility room floor. The moisture drained through, causing water damage within the crawl space of your San Leandro home. You do not inhabit this area directly, but remediating the water damage is crucial to the integrity of your dwelling. We are veterans of many crawl space restorations and have unique strategies for working successfully in these often difficult to access areas.
SERVPRO technicians remove water caught in the crawl space with submersible pumps, collecting the water for appropriate disposal per local regulations. Because of the dirt floor of most crawl spaces, trapped water within it qualifies as contaminated, gray or black depending on other materials and substances mixed in. The contaminated water must go as it is responsible for potential microbial growth to the undercarriage of your home, hazardous to the structure’s strength and stability. We check any insulation under the home. Fiberglass is recoverable through appropriate drying, but other types risk mold grow and need replacement.
We always try to measure and monitor moisture levels. A dirt floor is very unstable and may reintroduce moisture from groundwater or runoff. If there is no moisture barrier over the dirt installing plastic sheeting to balance the moisture exchange is recommended in SERVPRO training. This is one leg of an encapsulation approach to preventing future water damaging events.
It is fortunate when the crawl space is roomy enough to position air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels. When the area is too cramped, we work with your insurer and you to troubleshoot the process. Removing a part of the flooring above the space gives access to the area, permitting air movers and dehumidifiers to do their jobs. If that is impractical, a venting system rigged with flexible hose and sheet metal to force dehumidified air into the crawl space to reduce moisture. We follow the concept of simple is better and provide the services needed to remedy the current problem.
SERVPRO of San Leandro helps you understand the need for water damage abatement under your home and offers the services necessary to accomplish it. A call to (510) 352-2480 starts the process, sending a highly-qualified crew to evaluate and begin working on the harm in your crawl space.

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Flooded Office

6/9/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding can close an office and bring business to a stop.

There is never a good time to experience a property disaster.

Providing emergency property damage services for commercial establishments is one of the main services we provide at SERVPRO of San Leandro.

Water damage/flooding events are the most common disaster at offices and other commercial properties. Fire is second, followed by autos crashing into structures, falling trees, vandalism and others.

There are many restoration companies that are prepared to dry a wet building, only a few companies are equipped to help keep a company open or return them quickly to operation. It’s the business interruption solution services that can make the most difference to business survival. Insurance can pay to restore the business and in some cases even cover lost revenue. However, if a building remains closed so long that customers go elsewhere, then the “damage” is really more devastating than the structural repair.

SERVPRO of San Leandro understands how to dry a wet structure. We can also help with electronics, office equipment, manufacturing equipment and the other parts of a business that might be impacted. Our team can set up electrical power generators and lighting. We will place storage pods and tents at a job site along with security so that temporary workstations can be set up.

If you experience a serious disaster at you office or facility call us at 510-352-2480.

Inner wall cavity drying

5/21/2017 (Permalink)

An example of an inner wall drying system

There are inner wall cavity drying systems available that allow mitigation companies to dry an inner wall cavity without removing large portions of gypsum board. 

It is less expense to make several small plaster repairs and do paint touch up that removing the wallboard, applying new texture and paint.

The air that is pumped into the wall cavities is usually HEPA filtered and may be treated with chemical agents to prevent mold growth. This technique of drying is called "ASD-applied structural drying." Inner wall drying systems is one aspect of ASD. Other equipment and techniques that are used to minimize structure material drying are "rescue mats", heaters and special dehumidifiers. 

SERVPRO of San Leandro will always look for the best and most cost effective way to dry a wet structure.


5/21/2017 (Permalink)

A large desiccant at work drying a warehouse.

 At SERVPRO of San Leandro we have both cold “coil dehumidifiers” and “desiccant dehumidifiers.” Having one or more desiccants are the benchmark of a professional mitigation company.


Desiccant-Based Dehumidification is an interesting topic. Most people are aware of “cold-coil” dehumidification, which removes moisture from the air by condensing the moisture onto a cold surface. Desiccant dehumidification relies on adsorption or absorption power of desiccants, which are substances that attract

water-vapor molecules from the air. They rely on adsorptive or absorptive process. Adsorption refers to a desiccant that does not change phase as it collects airborne moisture. Most adsorbents are solids; familiar examples include activated alumina, silica gel, and zeolites (molecular sieves). We see these packed in electronics cartons.


In water damage drying application, desiccant machines are designed to collect moisture on a rotating wheel coated with solid desiccant material. As damp air passes through one section of the wheel the desiccant on that section adsorbs water vapor, making the air drier than when it entered. Wheel rotation then exposes the moisture-laden desiccant to a “regenerating” air stream that strips the captured moisture away from the desiccant (desorption). The wheel rotates to the damp air collection port and it is ready to adsorb more moisture from in coming air.


At SERVPRO we have dozens of cold “coil dehumidifiers” and a couple of commercial “desiccant dehumidifiers.” That’s one more reason we are proud to be an experienced and professional mitigation company capable of helping commercial clients. SERVPRO of San Leandro 510-352-2480